Indira canteen just a political gimmick! Lab test reveals food served in Indira Canteen unfit for consumption

It is well known that Congress party comes to power only for making money. They have neither cared about the nation nor about the people. Their sole motto is to come in power and to fill their pockets. And that is what the party is doing in all states they are in power. Just doing scams and filling their pockets

In a stunning revelation related to Indira Canteens run by the Congress Government in Karnataka, lab tests have confirmed that Indira canteen food is unfit for consumption. A food sample test was recently conducted by the Ramaiah advanced testing laboratory and Public Health Institute in Bengaluru. The test was conducted on food samples from various Indira canteens located at Mudalapalya, Jaya Nagar, JP Nagar, Byatarayanapura, Nagapura wards respectively and the samples were found to be unfit for consumption. The tests found the presence of chemicals and bacteria in the food served at Indira Canteens in Bengaluru.

The report further states, “The microbiological quality of the given food sample is not within the satisfactory limits.” Food samples from the Mudalapalya, Byatarayanapura, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, and Nagapura ward canteens were used for testing purposes. The samples included rice, sambar and bisibelebath. The matter created chaos everywhere. Deputy Chief Minister, G Parameshwara has told people not to panic. He said “I have directed the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Commissioner to check the quality of food provided in all Indira canteen in 198 wards immediately. If the food quality is found to be adulterated, we will take action against the contractors

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad has directed health officials to test canteen food in the FSSAI approved, National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accredited or reputed laboratories.

This is not the first time when it came in front that Congress is making lot of money under the Indira Canteen Scheme by serving the people unhygienic food. Indira canteens are nothing but another gimmick of Congress in the name of Indira Gandhi to loot the nation.