Indira Gandhi And Hitler Used Same Tactics To Curb The Opposition! And Congress, You Call Modi Fascist?!!

We often hear people claiming to leave the country as they feel India isn’t safe in Modi’s rule. They give various names to BJP govt and even compare Modi to Hitler.But little do they know India has never been safer.

The real terror had unleashed during the Congress rule. Infact, the bigwigs of congress who boast about the Congress rule, choose to ignore the fact that the rule of their beloved Indira Gandhi was no less than Hitler.

Anyway, This is what happened after the declaration of emergency in 1975.

As said earlier, Indira Gandhi’s strategy was to fully prepare and strike. She had seen good results of practicing deception on the enemy and then suddenly striking hard at it.Well, one such example is how she broke up the railway strike, even a year before the emergency.

In May 1974, conciliatory talks with Railway employees were going on the one hand and final touches to her plan of striking a body blow at them were being given on the other. The strike was to begin on May 9. Labour leaders were preparing for it!

It was in this atmosphere that at mid night on May 2 Indira Gandhi struck. Many leaders of the railway employees were taken into custody. Before sunrise, Railway colonies all over the country were surrounded by the police. They were beaten mercilessly and atmosphere of fear was created.

Thus, Indira Gandhi could successfully foil a strike for which the best organized vast group of employees in the country has made elaborate preparations.

The same strategy she used to meet the challenge posed by the opposition united under Jai Prakash Narayan.She had already planned of taking extreme steps after the Gujarat and Bihar movements against her.But, after Allahabad High Court verdict against her on June 12 and her party’s defeat in Gujarat, she started systematic preparations for sudden strike.

List of opposition leaders were prepared, RAW activated, signals were sent to congress leaders that they should be ready for sudden instructions. Then on the night of June 25, leaders of the opposition were sound asleep, as the political sky was clear and no lighting   was expected to strike. But it was precisely  on such peaceful night that Indira Gandhi chose to strike.

Anyway, Mrs. Gandhi s attack was six prolonged

  1. To bring all opposition activities to sudden halt. 

Prominent opposition leaders were issued  to senior police and administrative  officers in such a way that they thought they were going to round up some dangerous  elements.   Soarge posses of armed policemen went to the residences of leaders like Jai Prakash Narayan  and Morarji Desai to effect the  arrest.

  1. To spread terror.

When people woke on June 26 they were shocked to see police men and forces on patrol everywhere. Section 144 was in force.  All meetings and demonstrations were banned. The whole country became a police camp. People could not understand what happened.

  1. To completely control the media and all other means of communication and information.

Indira Gandhi was aware that the Press was the life breath of the political parties and their leaders. So on the night of June 25, she gagged it to prevent people from knowing what was happening in the country. All newspaper offices were surrounded by the police. Power supplies were cut to prevent editions from coming out. Lines of communication were cut. After two days of all this confusion, censorship was clamped on the entire press.

  1. To create an illusion among people that the opposition has colluded with anti Indian forces to hatch wide and violent conspiracy for overthrowing her which she foiled by taking this extreme step.

Indiscriminate arrests were launched to intensify terror. The police began to enter houses, hostels, offices and educational institutions at will and make arrests. Common people were arrested. In those days Congress and communists workers became spies. People were scared to discuss politics in a lighter vein because they were immediately put to jail. A conductor was arrested because he joked about the current situation of politics and the reports spread like wildfire.

  1. To win over the people by waving the magic wand of some  attractive programme before their eyes

In order to justify the widespread terror and the muzzling of the press in the eyes of the people, the opposition and its leader Jai Prakash Narayan began to be painted bye means of mass communication as violent plotters, foreign agents and enemies of the people

A book titled ‘Why Emergency’ was distributed among people to justify emergency.A 20 point socio economic programme was announced, to make it appear that the emergency was for the good of the people.

  1. To break the RSS and eliminate possibility of organised countrywide opposition

For the success of the emergency it was necessary to control the RSS, fir she knew that this nationalist organization would not be a silent spectator of the murder of democracy and rise of dictatorship. There were police raids on RSS offices and they were sealed.

She acted on all these fronts at once. She also brought senior officers and created a gang in order to give teeth to her attack.As courts came forward  to guard the rights of the people, efforts were made to restrict their jurisdiction as well.

Thus Mrs Gandhi took various steps to deepen the darkness of Emergency.

Source:Excerpts from the book People versus Emergency: A Saga of struggle,Author, P G Sahasrabuddhe, Manik Chandra Vajpayee, Publisher, Suruchi Prakashan, Page number, 80-88

Sharanya Alva


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