INDU SARKAR, a fantastic film ever!!! Few channels didn’t welcome this “Free Speech” as it was against Gandhi family

Finally someone from bollywood risked his career to show the truth. The Indians today are able to see how India fought for its second Independence. Yes, Indians underwent a heroic struggle during the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi government.

The National Award-winning director Madhur Bhandarkar has beautifully portrayed even the minute detailing of how Indians were tortured during the emergency. By making a film on Emergency, India has proved once again that there is abundance of “freedom of expression” in India.

What is shocking is that certain news channels and websites that have come up just to impress Congress leaders are trying to downplay the fantastic efforts behind “Indu Sarkar”. For 70 years Congress banned movies and books that exposed the reality of Nehru dynasty and now it suddenly realised that Modi is suppressing the press. But isn’t it a move to kill the freedom of expression by protesting against “Indu Sarkar’.

When Amir Khan’s film “P K” was released, liberals and seculars found it the best ever movie even though it had hurt Hindu sentiments when Lord Shiva was chased down in the washroom by Amir Khan. Would the seculars enjoy if it was done to any other religion?

“Free Speech” not welcomed by Mainstream Media?

Even though a film trailer impresses us, we tend to see online review sites before watching the film. The “Indu Sarkar” rating was good considering the fact that it is not any “Masala movie” which usually clicks in Bollywood.

IMDb.com, a subsidiary of Amazon where film reviews are found rates the Indu Sarkar with 6.9/10. These reviews are submitted by the public who watched the movie. By this, we can say that these are genuine reviews.

But India Today and many more websites have given their verdict as it is the worst ever movie. They even stooped to further low and said that one may even sleep even before the interval.

Till now Madhur Bhandarkar was an award winning director but now his movie is insulted because he exposed the reality of Gandhi family.

Madhur Bhandarkar expressed his unhappiness saying that he supported “Udta Punjab”, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” but no one supported him.

Nishika Ram