Inside ‘Drama’ of GST council meet, Congress, AAP, TMC and left opposed government proposal to reduce GST slab!

What did Rahul Gandhi call GST …? GABBAR SINGH TAX!

Why?? Because he thinks that Modi government was lowering taxes on goods and claimed if Congress comes to power, he will reduce the tax slabs.

But now the real story as to what happened in a GST council meet as been exposed which will reveal the real face of Congress. In the last GST council meet, the centre decided to reduce the tax slab for 23 items which will provide huge benefit for common people.The tax slab was reduced from 18 per cent to 12 per cent and 5 per cent. The fresh rate rationalisation is the government’s attempt to streamline GST and make it more people-friendly. Many items including television, computers and auto parts will be cheaper now. The items that were brought down from the 28 per cent tax slab include parts for carriages for disabled persons, power banks of Lithium ion batteries, video games and small sports related items.

But Rahul Gandhi had always accused of presenting a flawed GST that had made the small traders and businessmen suffer. So he called it Gabbar Singh Tax. But yesterday when the central government moved a proposal to reduce the tax slab, it was none other than the Congress which has strongly opposed the move.

You heard it right…..It was Congress which did not want the government to reduce the tax which will help common people. The move of Congress was supported by their best friends AAP, TMC and left.

Government sources present in the meeting said the Congress and Opposition parties resisted the proposal to lower GST rates on several items during the 31st GST council meet on Saturday.

Take a look!

When the proposal to reduce tax slab was proposed by government, the first person to oppose this move was Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, who said the rates should not be lowered.

He reportedly said that there must be no reduction in taxes on any commodity and that the “time was not right for reduction in GST tax slabs”. Isaac was backed by Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayansamy, who also holds the finance portfolio.

NOT TO MISS, the Karnataka finance minister also opposed the reduction of tax slab.

West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra also opposed the government’s move to cut tax slabs. He said this was an “inappropriate moment” to do it.

Sources present in the meeting said the Aam Aadmi Party also supported this demand. Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal, a Congress leader, is said to have maintained a neutral stand.


Why does Congress does not want government to reduce the tax???? The only reason is because Congress can use this plot to malign the Modi government in 2019 elections. he can go on to say, Modi has not lowered taxes on goods and mislead the country with his compulsive lying disorder.

A BJP person who is also in the GST council, confirmed the news saying “We want to know who the Gabbar Singh is now. This is doublespeak by the Congress and other Opposition parties. In public, they have been demanding that the high tax slab of 28 per cent must be abolished and all commodities should be moved to lower tax slabs. But in the GST council meet, Congress, the Trinamool Congress, the CPI(M) and the Aam Aadmi Party opposed the Centre’s move.”

The council eventually moved six items from the 28 per cent tax bracket to lower tax brackets. Earlier, there were 34 items in the 28 per cent tax slab. This included both luxury and sin goods. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said, “The GST rate reduction will have an overall impact on revenue of Rs 5,500 crore.”

So now you know what is the real face of Congress and other parties like TMC, left and AAP who claim to be pro poor. They want to publicly claim that government does not reduce tax slab, but inside they oppose the government when it wants to cut taxes.

This is the meaning of POLITICS!!!! Will Rahul Gandhi openly answer this question???

Source: India Today

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