Inside Story!!! Even though the Modi govt had only 288 votes, how it managed to get 325 votes against the “No Confidence Motion” and stun Rahul Gandhi?

In what is called as another big boost to the Modi government in the run-up for the 2019 elections, the Modi govt totally ripped apart the Congress party. It was indeed a soothing scene when the screen in the Lok Sabha displayed 325 “noes” and “125 ayes”.

Earlier, the reports had stated that 222 MPs were with Rahul Gandhi and team. Those were 63 of the Congress-led UPA, 37 of AIADMK, 34 of TMC, 20 BJD, 16 TDP and 11 TRS. What finally the Rahul Gandhi team managed to grab were just 125 seats. This indicates Mr Gandhi’s allies dumped him.

The total strength of the house was 534 as eleven seats were vacant. But as the BJD walked out, its strength was again reduced to 515. Due to this, even the majority mark also reduced drastically. Now the Modi government had to get 258 seats.

Focus on the number 325. After the Shiv Sena and BJD didn’t take part in the voting, it was calculated that the NDA would get only around 300 or below 300. But the Modi government stunned everyone.

How this miracle took place? To know the answer to this, we must recall what Amit Shah had said. He said that the NDA will emerge bigger than ever.

Yesterday’s no-confidence motion was the 27th in Parliamentary history. This was usually used as a tool by the Congress when it was in the opposition to topple the non-Congress governments.

So how the Modi government got more than expected? After Shiv Sena and the BJD took a neutral stand, the Modi government was expected to get below 300 seats but it got 325 seats. It was possible as the AIADMK that had 37 seats supported the Modi government.

On this victory of the democracy, we must recall what Sonia Gandhi had said. “Who said the Opposition doesn’t have the numbers?” she said on a no-confidence motion. As a sensible Indian, I restrain myself from commenting in her statement.

What was even unforgettable is how PM Modi demolished each and every lie of Rahul Gandhi, with facts. From Rafale deal to job creation, every question and suspicion was addressed.

But the most important was how PM Modi broke Rahul Gandhi’s arrogance. The Congress President had said that PM Modi is nervous of him and is unable to make eye contacts with him. For this arrogant and childish remark, PM said,

I was said that PM cannot meet me eye to eye. It is true. You are naamdaar and I am kaamdaar. We don’t have the courage to see you eye to eye. Morarji Desai, Pranab Mukherjee tried to meet eye to eye. What did you do to them? Sharad Pawar also tried, What did you do to him? I can’t bear the same consequences. The way those who meet eye to eye are dealt with, How can we meet eye to eye with Naamdaar?

PM Modi had also said Congress has no confidence in itself. It has no belief in Swachh Bharat, in international yoga day, the Chief Justice of India, Reserve Bank of India, the official agency that compiles national data, the rising value of Indian passport, the Election Commission, electronic voting machines… not even on itself.

Whereas the BJP President said that the defeat faced by the Opposition in the no-confidence motion in Parliament is just a “glimpse” of the 2019 Lok Sabha poll results and a reflection of people’s faith in the Narendra Modi government and its mantra of sab ka sath sab ka vikas.

Hansika Raj