The Inside Story! Was Ram Kishan Ex-Servicemen or Congress Man???

After a day Ram Kishan said to have committed suicide, lot of speculations and theory  are being debated on his past and his links with Congress. Ram Kishan had served in army and  had retired in 2004.

Many news channels have revealed that Ram Kishan after retirement from army had joined Congress party. He was elected as the village sarpanch twice under Congress ticket in Bamla, a village in Bhiwani district of Haryana.

As a village sarpanch it is said he was involved in open defecation free program. The Haryana Congress government had awarded Nirmal Gram Puruskar in 2008 for his efforts in making the village open defecation free.

But the interesting point here is the village had requested extra money under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2015. An investigation which conducted before the release of funds showed that the village which was declared open defecation free had less than 15 % of toilets. Only 15 % of the houses had toilets and rest of the village still practised open defecation. The open defecation free village which was claimed was found to be only on papers.

Under the Nirmal Bharat Programme which was active in 2008 around 1882 toilets were to be constructed and all the funds sanctioned for the program was handled by village committee head Ram Kishan. But there were no toilets built in the Nirmal Bharat program and the money was completely misused.

The scandal was out in 2016 June after which Ram Kishan was charged with corruption cases for misusing the funds and producing fraudulent bills and causing loss to exchequer.

Now some of unanswered question in his suicide is…

  1. He was getting a pension of Rs 22,000, will anyone commit suicide for another 5,000? He would have got this amount immediately by writing a simple letter.
  2. An audio which was released yesterday by the AAJTAK channel shows that Ram Kishan telling his son that he took tablets, for which his son asks “How many did you take?” But some channels are reporting that he consumed pesticide….Which is true?
  3. Why was his letter seeking clarification on OROP to the Defence Minister never submitted to the Def. Ministry office? He got it typed on 31st November and committed suicide the next day. The letter was instead put out on social media. He did not even make an effort to submit the letter to the ministry and used the same letter as a DEATH NOTE. His letter is not handwritten but typed note which raises more questions.
  4. Who was there with Ram kishan when he took the extreme step? In the audio which is released, we hear someone in the background instructing him to say something, so who was it? Who recorded the audio? If his colleagues were with him, why dint they admit him to Hospital.
  5. It also raises serious doubts whether someone used his situation and pushed him into taking extreme step or did someone murder him??
  6. Why is the family opposing the Post-Morten ???

Aishwarya S