Inspirational! This woman lost her husband, worked as coolie made her children army officers!

India is still struggling with poverty, but there is no dearth of unparalleled stories of inspiration. People go through unimaginable troubles to ensure food for their family, medicines for their parents, and to ensure a safe and respectful future for their children.

Mothers are known to suffer immense agony to fulfil the needs of their children. Here is a motivating story of one such mother who is going through extraordinary hardships.


Sandhya Maravi, a 30-year-old woman, is a widow and the mother of three children. She travels 270 km daily from her village to the Katni Railway Station to work as a coolie. Everything was fine until her husband Bholaram passed away. This made it very hard for her to secure meals for her children. But she wasn’t one to quit.

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Her coolie badge number is 36. Travelling 270 km to carry the burden of the world to earn a few bucks is overwhelming even to think of. Every day she travels from Kundam to Jabalpur (45 km) from where she goes to Katni. But it’s her will power that keeps her going. It’s her unbeatable desire to ensure a better future of her children that motivates her to work in this manner.

She doesn’t just have 3 children at home but also an ailing mother-in-law who is completely dependent on her. I’m sure you’re in awe of her by now. While most would have quit, or begged, she chose the tough yet respectable path of life. But here’s another aspect that’ll make you salute her. Her hope is to make her children Army officers!

I believe that we must have a system of sorts in place that aids such people in getting better jobs and helps them when in financial dire straits; a portal like ‘Bharat ke Veer’. The first requirement to succeed is hard-work and dedication, not even education. Everything is waste without hard work. People like Sandhya Maravi are an inspiration to each and every Indian!

Vinayak Jain