Interesting : Know why Narendra Modi said his main goal was to catch “rats” !

A fortnight back, former Finance minister P Chidambaram termed the demonetization move as the “biggest scam of the year” and demanded that the entire ‘scam’ be investigated. He said, “It has broken the back of poor people, a case of khoda pahad nikli chuhiya.”  P. Chidambaram whose tenure as a senior minister in various ministries during the UPA regime witnessed scams after scams, was calling a historic step taken to end corruption and the menace of black money as “scam” was itself one of the biggest ironies. PM Modi, while addressing a huge audience at the Talkatora stadium on the eve of launching BHIM app, showed Chidambaram his place.

PM Narendra Modi, without naming Chidambaram, said, “An Opposition leader has mocked me for demonetization, saying it as Khoda pahaad, nikli chuhiya. What he does not know is that catching rats was my main aim. The whole process of demonetization was done with an aim of catching the rats. It is the rat which nibbles everything and makes even a huge mountain hollow from within.” If the words of PM Modi are to be interpreted, he was surely referring to the fact that it is just the few corrupt men in the system who have made it hollow. He has repeatedly said in his speeches ever since he has become the Prime Minister that most of the people in this country are honest, and it is a handful of few corrupt who have totally wreaked havoc on the system.

On the occasion of launching Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app, he made an extremely powerful speech, thanking the people of India for their support and at times, attacking the opposition parties. “Earlier the news was kitna gaya (money due to corruption)… Today the news is kitna aaya. Same system, same files, same bureaucrat, same office, same staff…. and we have achieved a complete turnaround. If you have the determination to devote yourself to the country and its people , even God is with you.

Taking a jibe at people who constantly oppose every move of Narendra Modi and spread negativity, he said he does not care about the negativity being spread by a few select individuals. “I have no medicine for the pessimists and people full of negativity. Let the pessimists be happy with their gloom and negativity. I cannot change them. But the country has woken up. The change in the mindset of people is visible. The country has taken off and we will take country to greater heights,” he said

He also mentioned the role of media and thanked them for their scrutiny of works undertaken by him. “I thank the people in media. Every time they try to point out my mistakes, I learn something new from it and implement the changes. The more they scrutinize my mistakes, the more determined it makes me to make a system or policy fool-proof and better,”  he said.

PM Modi also wholeheartedly thanked 1.2 crore people who gave up their subsidies on LPG cylinders voluntarily. “It is because of you I could give LPG connection to 1.5 crore poor families who had never seen LPG and cooked on firewood under extremely unhealthy conditions,” he said.

Listen to the full speech of PM Modi here :

Kshitij Mohan