Intolerance is back!!! I will skin Narendra Modi alive; Says the 9th pass son of Lalu Prasad Yadav

Days ago, Rabri Devi -mother of nine children- had said that her gang is ready to slit the throat of PM Modi and chop off his finger. But she was not condemned like how the media pounced on PM Modi when he followed a person on twitter who had allegedly tweeted derogatory tweet. It was the greatness of PM Modi that she was spared without taking any action.

But now, Rabri Devi would be very proud of her 9th pass son for openly threatening the Prime Minister of India. Yes, he has given out a statement which is totally unexpected.

“Yeh murder karane ki saazish rachi jaa rahi hai. Unko moohtod jawab hum denge. Narendra Modi ji ka khaal udhedva denge (There is a murder conspiracy against Lalu Prasad Yadav. We will give them a befitting reply. We will flay Narendra Modiji)”. This is how he threatened Prime Minister Modi after the security of his father, Lalu Prasad Yadav, was downgraded.

So according to this man, downgradation of security to scamster Lalu Yadav was dirty politics of the Centre and a conspiracy to kill Lalu. As usual, he didn’t provide any evidence to support his claim.

He went on to add a filmy sentence, “If Narendra Modi thinks I will be scared, I won’t. All the people, even the children of Bihar will protect me”.

But this open threat of Tej Yadav made Indians extremely angry. Few called that there was nothing shocking and surprising as he is Lalu’s son and he is following Lalu’s footsteps.

Tej Pratap, the new gangster who is obsessed with the word “Modi”!!!

Not just PM Modi, but even Sushil Modi was threatened by this goon named Tej Pratap Yadav. Tej had threatened to beat up deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi by entering his house and also disrupt Modi’s son Utkarsh’s marriage function to be held in Patna on December 3.

An FIR was also filed against Tej Pratap for his threat!!!

Is this intolerance or freedom of expression?

“Like father like sons, Entitlements run in their blood , look who is threatening in what a tone , it shows the frustration of the opposition at NaMos popularity!”. This is how a user bashed Tej Pratap.

Lalu’s family running a human trafficking business!!!

If this is the condition of India’s Prime Minister, then what would have been the situation if the Biharis under Lalu Yadav’s tenure? Freedom of expression would have been like finding water in the desert.

Another responsible citizen urged Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to arrest this man!!!

“Nitish Kumar how come Tej Pratap Yadav still roaming free, what is Bihar police doing? please book him under Section 294 and 504 of the IPC for threatening and abusing PM in public”, this was his words of anger.