Intolerance! In Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi, a man named Mohammad Azad killed a Hindu family of three

A shocking incident has been reported from Delhi where the three members of a family has been stabbed to death by a man named Mohammad Azad on January 16th, and this incident has been caught on camera too.

The brutal killer Mohammad stabbed Sunita, her husband and son multiple times at around 7.30 pm and fled the spot. Soon the victims were rushed to Guru Gobind Singh Hospital in Khyala but the doctors said that Sunita succumbed to her injuries. Now the reports have come that even her husband and son have succumbed to their injuries.

The killer Mohammad Azad was known for his misbehavior in the locality. Soon after the fight broke out, Mohammad first stabbed Akash and when his parents Sunita and Veeru came to save their son, even they were stabbed. What made this incident even more cruel was that even though a huge crowd had gathered at the location of crime, no one even attempted to stop Mohammad Azad.

The Joint Commissioner of Police Madhup Tiwari said “The incident was triggered on January 14 when a bottle of Sunita’s daughter identified as Neha, fell from the balcony and hit Mohammad Azad, standing on the road. Later Azad and Veeru indulged in a heated argument but they were separated by some locals”. He added “Today Azad misbehaved with Sunita over the same issue. Sunita later narrated the entire issue with Veeru and Akash following which the fight began”.

Monika Bhardwaj, the DCP, West District said “During interrogation, the accused revealed that he was at loggerheads with the victim’s family on some petty issue. On January 16 a quarrel had taken place between them and when the victim’s family came to his house, he became agitated and lost his control. He took out a meat chopper from his house and stabbed Sunita, Veeru and Akash in full public view as his neighbours watched in horror”.

The lunatic killer was so pervert that he was sexually harassing even his daughter since past three years. The DCP said “the man’s daughter was afraid that he would kill her too. She was being violated for long, but had kept quiet because of his violent behaviour”.

Last year a youth named Ankit Saxena was stabbed to death by her Muslim girl friend’s family. These incidents have proved that there is no protection for the Hindus under the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Hansika Raj