Intolerance in Kerala!!! RSS worker dies after he was stabbed 40 times; Where is the “Award Wapsi” gang?

A man has been lynched in Kerala and there is no campaigns titled “Not in my name”. The Congress leaders have forgotten to discuss about this in the parliament. Mainstream media are not calling for a prime time debate. The only reason is that the victim’s name is not Junaid but Rajesh.

Rajesh Edavakode, an RSS worker, was attacked by a gang when he was going home after attending the daily meeting of his organization. He succumbed to the injuries at a private hospital. The culprits are from the CPM party and these hacked Rajesh to death in Sreekaryam area of Thiruvananthapuram.

RSS workers are butchered by CPM goons

The award wapsi gang have the creativity to turn a clash for train seats into a lynching case but now they lack voice to even give out a statement when RSS workers are hacked to death by the so called liberals. Today, in Kerala, if you belong to RSS than by default your life will be in danger even if you don’t harm anyone.

The Kerala CM had time to travel hundreds of kilometres and meet the parents of Junaid but he didn’t have basic courtesy to meet Rajesh’s family. The goons attacked Rajesh nearly 40 times and completely chopped off his left hand. By this, one can analyse the brutality of this murder.

RSS Karyakarthas are however attacked but even BJP offices are regularly targeted. Why the nation is silent on this? When corrupts are raided by the IT officials, people can come out on streets supporting them. But why not even a single award is returned when dozens of RSS workers are brutally killed?

This is the real intolerance

CPM leaders are so peace lovers that they even insulted Indian Army General Bipin Rawat. Few leaders even wanted to have peace talks with Pakistan. Left wingers were the pioneers along with Congress leaders to shout out that there is intolerance in India. But one after another RSS workers are being killed in Kerala and it seems like the Kerala CM is giving full support to these murders. Or else why they aren’t scared of the law?

Why RSS workers are targeted?

Yes, this question is pricking every sensible Indian. Because, RSS is an organisation which never posed any harm India or the Indians. RSS in Kerala works on empowerment of Hindus as their population is gradually reducing in Kerala. So is supporting Hindus is a mistake?

Nishika Ram