How Introduction of New Currency Will Reduce Corruption??

Myth and Confusion – Rs 2000 note will increase corruption
This is new propaganda getting spread  which needs to get exposed.

1. There are around 14 lakh crore + original currency notes in form of Rs 1000 and Rs 500. Out which it is suspected that only Rs 1-2 lakh crore is White. On the other hand almost 2-3 lakh crore fake currency was running in country by ISI printing press. The most important task was to squeeze all as soon as possible and didn’t give time to settle it.

2. If Government print only Rs 100 then it would have taken more time and printing cost might be much higher which is right now only Rs 15000 crore.

3. Government will print in total of Rs 14 lakh crore for sure and in return people will return their old note. But as I said above people will return only approx Rs.2 lakh crore and Hence Rs 12 lakh crore black will get converted to White and it will be purely for Government and not for Chors who looted it. Government kitty will swell sharply.

4. Those who are saying that Rs 2000 will create corruption in future. Yes It might if situation of Indian governance and economic model works similar to What Congress did and loot happen in same frequency.
a. Now people have Bank Accounts and Laws are perfectly placed
b. Cashless System and Digital Banking Infra is well placed

Hence To again create Black Economy of same magnitude It will take next 30 years approx with condition that government allow loot in same manner What congress did.

The prime objective of Government was to cover Rs 14 lakh crore asap which Government accomplished.

Understand situation better !! Hope you all get clarity.

Abhishek Kumar