Invincible Modi-Shah!!! BJP wins Gujarat for the 6th time, why this win is so special?

BJP party still continues to rule its throne in Gujarat!! Well, this was expected.

It’s high time for the Congress now to accept they have lost the Gujarat part of throne. Gujarat had always loved Modiji and still continues to love his rule there. Gujarati’s always knew his rule was a prosperous one and he works in their favour. Hence, yet again they have proved to this, with today’s vote poll.

Yes, for about an hour the Congress had its lead in the counts. And this one hour of lead led the Congress party to celebrate the hour as its ultimate victory!! C’mon wake up Congress people, you can never dream of having a victory against Modiji in his own “Gujarat”. Modiji and his BJP party have a lead in both “Gujarat as well as Himachal Pradesh”.

Have a look at people’s confidence over The BJP:


It’s sad that Rahul Gandhi’s “Shiv Bhakti” failed to show its effect. Unfortunately, Rahul’s temple run lacked its speed. Maybe he needs to start running again now to be safe from getting embraced. Someone, please teach him Politics is not about Temple runs just before the elections or making stupid statements in public. People need to be self-less before getting into politics, and that might be a little tough to follow by the Gandhi family.

“Words shouldn’t talk, your actions should make the talking”- this is what Modiji follows. And what Rahul does? Well, I do not need to explain that!! People observe each and every aspect, who is working for them and who is using them. Maybe if Rahul Gandhi turns to be even 50% of Modiji’s thinking, Indians might turn to his favour. Family name should not do the talking, your work should!

Interestingly, the hub of Industries, Surat and the whole business centred North Gujarat belt has voted for the BJP party.

Now for all the GST haters out there, this is a slap on your face!! All those who hate Modi for his GST and demonetization decision need to know the smart group of youths in Gujarat and those who are in favour of the nation’s benefit have come forward and supported Modiji. All those extra intelligent people who thought GST and demonetization will be a drawback for Modiji and the BJP party, I guess you need to think again now!

Rahul being the new president-BJP winning over Gujarat and Himachal!!

This is an immediate impact of Congress having its new president; BJP wins both in Himachal and Gujarat!! Well, BJP needs to thank Rahul. He has got good luck for the BJP party, as soon as he sat on the throne of president; BJP has bagged its victory!!

The good deeds done by Modiji and his BJP government can never go unnoticed. People recognize it and they do not wish for any change of government. They are not bored of BJP party instead this election proves they are happy with BJP’s development works and do not want to let go off it.