Iran should have slammed for its diktat, but this is how Barkha Dutt tried to insult this Indian state that produces highest number of female sportsperson!

No matter in which part of the world the violence or an heinous act takes place, few bunch of Indian journalists have to link it to India with intentions to defame its rich culture. Days ago, Woman Grandmaster and former world junior girls’ champion Soumya Swaminathan grabbed the attention of the world as she pulled out of the Asian Team Chess Championship as she was not compatible with the “compulsory headscarf” rule of Iran, where the event was scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 4.

The 29 year old Soumya Swaminathan had said “I do not wish to be forced to wear a headscarf or burqa. It seems that under the present circumstances, the only way for me to protect my rights is to not go to Iran”.

But she didn’t get the support she should have had actually received. Journalist Sagarika Ghose-who said that Hindus throw ballons filled with semen during holy which was atcually a fake news spread  by her– gave an irresponsible and a shameful statement saying “Good for chess star Soumya Swaminathan to assert her individual rights on wearing headscarf. Hope she’ll similarly assert her individual rights when told what to wear, eat, read, write, post on social media, or told to prove her “nationalism” by Indian govt Soumya Swaminathan”.

Here comes Barkha Dutt, links the issue to Haryana!

Instead of supporting the bold move taken by Soumya Swaminathan, the incident was given a political twist. Barkha Dutt, instead of targeting the compulsory “Burkha rule” of Iran, she stated,

  • Fully support Soumya Swaminathan right to wear exactly what she wishes and not the mandatory hijab. Dress Codes for women are Dinosaur age diktats that are to be rejected whether from Khaps in Haryana or Clerics in Iran.

Yes, the young chess star was mentally tormented due to the diktats of Iran but Barkha Dutt instead of attacking Iran, she dragged-in Haryana, which is nowhere linked to the incident. Perhaps she had forgotten that India is the only nation that allows everyone to follow what he/she likes, irrespective of caste and religion. But few are hell bent to project India in a bad light.

This statement of Barkha Dutt was completely slammed by the Indians!

A twitterati asked “Why can’t we criticize it without mentioning Khap? Also, Haryana produces so many women players. Clearly khaps are inconsequential”.

But got a unconvincing and illogical reply by Barkha Dutt stating “larger point was merely that all societies try and control what women should wear”.

Barkha Dutt trapped in her own net!

An Indian clearly stated why Barkha Dutt is linking Iran’s diktat with khaps of Haryana. He stated “That’s the point…u don’t want to fully support Saumya..u just want to introduce your so called secular agenda in every matter..and it doesn’t matter for u what matter it is”.

Barkha Dutt may not be knowing that Haryana is the state that has produced most number of female sportsperson!

  • Haryana produces by far the largest number of successful women athletes in India. Khaps are local, they don’t dictate to you, but you want to dictate to them? Islam, otoh seeks totalitarian global control, wants to dictate to everyone. Fascist much?

Not just this, Barkha Dutt gave a spin to the murder of the journalist Shujaat Bukhari who was killed by the terrorists yesterday. She stated,

  • Twitter fundamentalists; pause carefully the next time journalists talk of death threats and pause before you tar people as anti-nationals. Shame on you and Shame on those fulminating primetime hate mongers and most of all I wish Hell to those who did this to Shujaat Bukhari.

Did you observe two things? Firstly she tried to get a personal mileage from the tragic incident and then, she didn’t even condemn the persons who killed the journalist Shujaat Bukhari.

Hansika Raj