Irresponsibility is clearly evident in Gorakhpur Tragedy, not of CM Yogi but of previous governments; Teary-eyed Yogi promises to punish the guilty

The Gorakhpur tragedy has shocked the entire nation. Initially, it appeared to be the irresponsibly of the CM Yogi government. But now the reality is getting exposed slowly.

Right from the beginning of the issue, no media tried to focus on the actual reason for the deaths of these innocents young kids but blamed it on the Yogi government. In twitter, it was trending and tweets showed CM Yogi as a murderer but none of these twitter warriors expressed their condolences towards the families who lost their “love of the life”.

The disease that has claimed the life of dozens of kids is “Japanese Encephalities”. It is a dangerous disease and the person who is infected by this needs serious medical attention. The disease usually claims the lives of young kids and if in case a child survives, there are high chances that he/she may be partially paralysed and other disabilities may occur.

This disease has not started to haunt Gorkhpur after the Yogi took oath but has become a nightmare from past several years. Yes, you heard it right!!! The disease was present during Mayawati’s government and even during the Akhilesh Yadav’s government. You might know that Rahul Gandhi is also a close friend of Akhilesh.

This disease will be at its peak during monsoon season and the report released by the UP government/BRD Hospital says that more than 2800 deaths have occurred from 2012 to 2016. In the year 2017, only 163 deaths have occurred. Now this itself makes clear that Yogi government has taken enough of precautionary measures that to reduce the death numbers.

Opposition Parties Completely Exposed!!!

By looking at the stats, irresponsibility is certainly evident but not of CM Yogi. Yes, the death tolls were really high during Mayawati’s and Akhilesh’s tenure. But they didn’t have the will power to save the lives of the poor kids. But after Yogi cave into power, he not only focused on transparent government but was hell bent to reduce the influence of “Japanese Encephalities”.

Where was Gulam Nabi Azad while death occurred in the previous years? Clearly, it shows that Sonia Gandhi opted to play politics with the death of these innocents children. Hilarious thing is that the opposition has gone on and one blaming the Yogi government but has failed to give even a single proof that can nail Yogi Ji’s irresponsibility.

Here comes the final nail in the coffin of Congress and gang!!!

From several years, Yogi Adityanath had raised the threat posed by Encephalities in parliament. But it failed to grab the eyes of the Sonia Gandhi’s government. BJP was not ruling UP at that time and Yogi could have easily politicized the issue. Instead, he chose to join hands with the UPA government.

But today as the opposition is running short of scams (not even one scam) to blame on PM Modi. So it said its senior leader who was India’s Voce-President for 10 years to play the minority card game. But it failed miserably as the minority community itself slammed Mr Hamid Ansari. So the next issue they found was the death of these children.

Lack of Oxygen not a reason for the death of children

The deaths that occurred in Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College hospital was really heart shattering. But now reports have emerged that the deaths occurred not due to lack of oxygen supply but due the intensity of the disease.

Now the whole narrative of those who wanted to push Yogi on the back foot has failed miserably. This was revealed by State Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh.

CM Yogi breaks down; Promises to nab the guilty!!!

Right from the day after Yogi took oath, he assured that his voters won’t be disappointed. After visiting the Baba Raghav Das Medical College hospital today along with Union Health Minister JP Nadda, a teary-eyed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while addressing a press conference promised exemplary action against the guilty.

Speaking about his plans to not ‘spare those responsible for the deaths’ the CM added that nobody can be more sensitive towards those children than him.

Yogi Adityanath also asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very much concerned and hence has sent Union Health Minister JP Nadda to take the stock of the situation.

Now, Yogi’s responsibility is not only to reduce the impact of the disease but also to permanently eradicate it from UP. The people of UP has given him an opportunity and now it is his time to fulfil the promises. One thing is sure that many will go behind bars as irresponsibility of several hospital officials is evident.

Meanwhile Indians don’t expect anything from the opposition parties because they are the world’s best spinners. They skilfully shifted their failures on the shoulders of CM Yogi. Unlike them, Yogi will happily expect it and put an end to the issues that suffocates the public.

Nishika Ram