This IRS officer’s amazing marriage ceremony is an eye-opener and an inspiration to every Indian

India is known for big fat weddings, where families spend enormous amount of money to flaunt their social status. It is estimated that every year about Rs 1 lakh crore is spent by Indians on marriage ceremonies. Not only the rich, even the families from lower middle class and economically backward sections spend more than they could afford because of the pressure from society. Often, people have to borrow money or take loans, which badly affect the poor families by pushing them into debt. When rich people spend lavishly on marriage ceremony and flaunt their status, this story of an IRS officer’s marriage is an eye-opener and an inspiration for every Indian.

Abhay Deware and Preeti Kumbhare did a selfless noble act and utilize that amount which could have been spent on the wedding for a great cause. Abhay, an IRS officer undergoing training at the Nagpur-based National Academy of Direct Taxes and his wife Preeti, working as assistant manager with IDBI Bank’s Mumbai branch fell in love while they were preparing for their exams.

The couple donated Rs 20,000 each to 10 farmers’ families where their sole breadearners committed suicide due to mounting debts and successive crop failures. Additionally, they provided books of competitive examinations worth Rs 52,000 to five libraries in Amravati, including at their native village Umbarda Bazaar in Karanja Lad. All this came from their hard-earned savings, which they had saved for the marriage.

Not only did they donate their hard-earned savings, which they had saved for marriage, for welfare of farmers but also didn’t spend on the ceremony. Their marriage had a very simple menu of chapati, rice, dal, and sabji, and without any sweet. The couple even avoided customary rituals and performed a simple registered marriage on the stage. It was followed by inspiring speeches by Wankhede and other activists like Madhu Uke, Ravindra Mundre, Ashish Lohey, Ramesh Katke and Arjun Thosare. They also wanted to avoid the lunch. But since many guests were from outside, including girl’s parents, along with thousands of other guests, they decided to have a simple menu.

This is the kind of marriage which people must idolise. While there are people who are deep inside debt because of lavish spending on marriage, here is an IRS officer who not only gave a message of simplicity, but also donated all their savings for families of poor farmers.

Kshitij Mohan**