Is Congress trying to start a news channel with the help of pseudo secular lutyens lobby of Delhi?

The biggest threat to Lutyens media is the social media and Nationalist websites which have damaged the decades of monopoly over Indian news. Some of the media houses who acted like PR agents to many political parties and especially Congress have been exposed to the core which has made them run for cover. Every lie, every propaganda they spread against Nationalists were destroyed by social media activists which have turned out to be a big headache for them.

Adding to their plight, Arnab Goswami who was in Times Now started his own news channel in which he shows no mercy to anyone and exposes the Lutyens system openly. Just because he spoke against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi fearlessly and questioned them on various issues, he has been called a BJP agent. His own friends in the media fraternity got against him for doing something which no journalist ever dared to do.

The funny part here is, the so-called journalists who did not speak a word when Republic Journalists were attacked by Lalu Prasad Yadav’s goons and Shashi Tharoor’s watchman, are now crying and whining about two journalists resigning from ABP news. Punya Prasun Bajpai and Milind Khandekar who were working in ABP Hindi news resigned from their jobs for the reason known to them.

But just moments after they resigned, the entire Lutyens lobby declared that the reason for their resignation was MODI and came to a conclusion that Modi government was interfering with media. These people exactly spoke on the lines of Congress which is always waiting for an opportunity to blame Modi.

Just last month, Prasun Bajpai had made a program on ABP news with a FAKE narrative that a lady farmer who interacted with PM Modi had claimed that her income had doubled growing paddy. The ABP news had claimed that the BJP had forced her to say that her income had doubled by growing paddy. But the lady Chandramani on record had denied these claims and said that the PMO team had only asked if she was ready to speak with Prime Minister via video conference.

She also clarified that she never said her income had doubled by growing paddy but doubled after she shifted from paddy cultivation to ‘sitafal’ (sugar apple) farming.

This incident proved how Prasun Bajpai was peddling FAKE news just to malign PM Modi’s developmental plans. He was shamed on the social media by common people like never before for spreading fake propaganda which made him lose face.

This same man has now resigned from ABP News which has made the entire Delhi lobby go GAGA. While many Lutyens journalists are crying foul and trying to gain sympathy for Bajpai, there has been a speculation that Prasun Bajpai’s resignation is a trailer for an upcoming mega show directed by Congress.

Yes, a social media activist on Twitter put screenshots of a conversation which shows that a man who was earlier in NDTV had revealed that many journalists were planning to join a new channel which is likely to be funded by Congress leader Kapil Sibal. The man called RK also gives a hint that many journos from India Today may also join this with an attempt to counter Modi and help Congress in the upcoming general elections.

Take a look!

If what the man said is believed to be true, then seems like Congress is gathering all Lutyens journalists to start another news channel to counter BJP with its fake propaganda. Congress which has lost ground on social media now desperately wants to take control of the media just like how they did during UPA government.

So, we may expect some so-called secular journalists in India Today and NDTV joining the Congress clan officially in the coming days!

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