Is eliminating the terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir is an act of violence and cruelty? Check what Sagarika Ghose commented on the Army, that has angered the patriotic Indians

Jammu and Kashmir was once a land of Goddess, but over the years this holy land was suffering due to regular infiltration from the Pakistani sponsored terrorists and also due to some of India’s internal organisations whose loyalty lies other side of the border.

Soon after BJP dumped PDP, India’s security forces saw a “new sunrise”. Those who had an iota of analysis skills, started to claim that the terrorists and their sympathizers will definitely have a bad day ahead as Jammu and Kashmir will be terrorist free under the governor’s rule.

Not letting down the patriotic Indians, here comes the sensational promise from the J&K police chief!

Yes, the statement made by the state police chief has not just made Indians happy but even sent shivers down the spine of the terrorists. DGP S P Vaid said “Operations will continue. Only thing was in between, during this (ceasefire) period, the operations were stopped. They were going on earlier also, but we will intensify these operations in the days to come. And it would be, I think, much easier to work”.

He clearly said that operating under the governor’s rule will be lot more easier to the forces, as there will be no political interference. As the militancy activities increased in the valley during the Ramzan ceasefire, he said, “But, we will go all-out and intensify the operations against the terrorists now”.

But this bold statement was not digested by the journalist Sagarika Ghose! Indians’ blood will boil after hearing what she uttered!

Expressing total displeasure over the security force’s decision to wipe out terrorism, Sagarika Ghose stated

  • Army prepares for “muscularity”, and even greater violence in J&K.

What more could be expected from Sagarika Ghose, who had once said that Hindu men fill their semen in a balloon and throw it at the girls during Holi celebrations which was actually a fake news.

This time her statement was really defamatory in nature. In the valley it was the terrorists who used their muscularity to attack the Indians; it was few traitors who used their muscularity in the 1990s and drove away from the Kashmiri Pandits. But Sagarika Ghose had remained mum on it then, but now she’s trying to lower the morale of the brave Indian security forces.

After all the security personnel said they will be aggressive against the terrorists. So why is Sagarika Ghose tagging the operation as violent? It is really disappointing to hear such a statement from the mainstream journalist.

Sagarika Ghose, can you please answer on this?

  • When the Jawans right from Aurangazeb to Pandit were killed, it was a peaceful act? And when the killers are going to be mutilated, executed and sniped, it’s violence? What kind of a person you are?

Sagarika Ghose didn’t make that statement, her hate towards PM Modi forced her to say it!

  • Since when Anti-terror operations have become violence? Now even Army is being questioned just because centre has a BJP govt?

This is what happens when few of the Indians start to misuse “Freedom of expression”!

Expressing uneasiness during the Ramzan ceasefire, DGP S P Vaid had also said, “The orders were to maintain high-alert in the camps so that if camps were attacked, we are able to retaliate effectively. But, one could not launch operations even when there was specific intelligence about the presence of terrorists. So, that obviously was an advantage to the terrorists”. So the terrorists clearly had the upper hand in the last few weeks and this was only due to the PDP.

Earlier, Indian Army General Bipin Rawat also hinted at eliminating each and every terrorist in the valley. General Rawat stated,

  • Operations were going on before also. Then we issued a suspension of operations because we wanted people to observe the month of Ramzan unimpeded. Despite this, terrorists continued their activities. That’s why the suspension of operations was revoked and we will continue operations as before.
  • I don’t think it’ll make any difference. There’s no political interference on us. Like you may have heard before, Army has never been stopped from conducting operations as it does. We have strict rules of engagement and we conduct operations based on these.

Source: Economic Times

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