Is India Changing? Here is an in-depth analysis

What I am talking about can be well understood by typical Indian kids, who were born and brought up in India. The time when we were kids around the 80’s and 90’s it is the mere form of development that we used to enjoy. India hardly had any access to facilities to be grown in any form. Our country was considered to be the one, under-developed and a backward one.

If you remember those childhood days, when Uncles and Aunties used to visit from abroad and get along chocolates and goodies that were never found in India, which of course we were desperate enough to open the package and have a glimpse at those. No doubt it was a pure gift from heaven for those tiny eyes.

It was those days when, Foreigners used to consider India as a poor country where people starve for food and basic living and nothing else. Our country was termed good for nothing and labelled so as well. If I am not wrong it was Congress in India then, and the circumstances are before you to witness!

But the present times are not so and our Country has moved beyond all these barricades. There is a wave of change in here. India is now the country to stand out among the other big nations. India is now the country to raise hope for developments in all sectors. India is a hope of ray to all Indians and to those half-Indians settled in foreign land.

Exports and Imports have flourished so high that foreign goods and other eatables are now available in any part of India. The economy has grown so high that US and China seek suggestions from India. Indian Army has set terror in the minds of outer enemies, who need to think twice before breaking the borders of India. Job opportunities, IT- sector and the growing Industries are the ones attracting a huge crowd of youths to seek the career in this country.

The changing face of Educational Sector is the one platform that has attracted most of the crowd. Unlike the past era, where people in India hardly studied and graduated. The country were passing high school was a huge achievement, has now reached the heights of distance education and some of the most successful entrepreneurs born in India, to have the country’s head held high in pride. The changed statistics of India is itself the proof to witness in the past 4 years.


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What the past Dynasty Government has failed to do, is now done in the past 4 years under just one man. Internet has reached its peak, Fashion and eatables have made their mark. What else… there’s nothing that India lacks in the present time. Indians have their shoulders broadened with pride.. Don’t we?

The country that once stood nowhere in the world is now outstanding among the others to witness as an example. Let’s not forget the man who has got these credits to India, the man who got India to this position, the man who has put out his sweat and blood to give our country this recognition. Yes, he’s the role model to all those youths, yes, he’s our PM, Narendra Modi.