Is India the ‘Only Ray of Hope’ for Suffering Balochistan???

Baloch writer & activist Naela Qadri Baloch arrived in New Delhi yesterday with the aim to gather support to set up a Baloch government-in-exile.

She has been fighting for the rights of the Balochis & the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan for a long time. Although it took three months for her to get an Indian visa, her enthusiasm when she got to Delhi from Kabul hadn’t diminished. She said, “I am very happy to be here. I look forward to my stay in Delhi for a week & then travel to other cities.”

Her son Mazdak Dilshad Baloch was at the Indira Gandhi International Airport to receive her along with numerous other Baloch activists. Mazdak has been in India since August this year. “My mother will take part in several seminars & programmes on the Baloch movement. She will meet people in the government to seek support for our campaign,” said Mazdak.

Naela also said, “I have multiple arrangements in Delhi. I am looking forward to meeting a number of political leaders here to garner support to form a Baloch government-in-exile.”

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Balochistan in his Independence Day speech, several Baloch leaders from Pakistan & other nations as well have started to visit New Delhi. After all these decades of suffering the Balochis at last see a ray of hope, & wishing for a separate Balochistan where kids & old people aren’t forced to starve to death, where women aren’t repeatedly raped, & where men aren’t cold-bloodedly shot dead is looking like a real possibility.

This government has been the first one ever to raise the Balochistan issue. Not only did Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak about it from the Red Fort, but even Sushma Swaraj mentioned in her UNGA speech the atrocities in the region inflicted upon the common populace by the Pakistani establishment.

As more & more Baloch leaders head to India to give new life to the Baloch movement, one of the most awaited events in the recent future will be to see whether Baloch Republican Party founder Brahumdagh Bugti gets asylum in India. Chances are he will as some reports suggest that elaborate arrangements are being made for his & his supporters stay in India.

Vinayak Jain