Is INDIA the rape capital of the world ? A reality check will shock you

The worldwide assumption is India is considered as a land of rapists where women doesn’t stay secured and there’s no chance of survival of woman if she’s a solo traveller. But, why people are only focusing on India even though it stands 94th place in rape record map?

I ‘d like to mention recent incident happened in Leipzig university , Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger had cancelled the scholarship of Indian Male students, considered that it’s not safe to have Indian Males around in the campus. And, the question is “ Is India full of rapists, but not the other countries?”

Rapes aren’t a matter of pride, it’s a national shame even if a single women is raped. Indians been worshipping goddesses and a women in a form of God and how whole of India could be considered as capital of rapists? Every time, issues of women assault ‘d set nation on fire. The nation tried in vain to atone for the crime by show of unprecedented frenzy.  Entire society of India lost it’s balance. And, the medias of India itself showed as rape happens in India for every 14 hours. Western medias hooked up with the issues of women assault and declared hostilely that ‘India is not a safe for women.” The stentorian frenzies led the mission to shame India in international level.

Various writers, commentators claimed that it’s a nation to shatter dreams of women. Adding to it, the upright Europeans ignored the Indian cultures of “murderous, hyena like male concept.”  Without knowing the priorities of Indian cultures, how could someone from outside judge one nation which will be the most powerful nation by few years? Is this a fact with a sense of cultural superiority, as if rape is something that happens only in India, and something the civilised west have something put behind?

Record of sexual assaults :

The ‘rape record of civilised and developed countries like US 44% of victims are under age of 18 and 80% are under the age of 30. For every two minutes, someone in the US sexually assaulted. There’s an average of 208,000 victims of age 12 or older of sexual assault every year. 54% of the cases are not reported to police, 97% of rapists will never see jail for a day. Approximately, 2/3rd of assaults are committed by known to the victim. 38% of rapists are from family or friends. Only, 15% cases went to police.

But, according to BBC, rape per 100,000 population is the second highest in Sweden, the rape rate is 63.5%. In the US, it is 27.5%, the effective rapes in the US will be more than 137.5 per 100,000. And, what is the percentage of India per 100,000? It’s just 1.8. But, western medias showed that Sweden which is ranked 10th on the Human Development Index scale and yet the world’s best place for women to live. And, still India is bad for women!!

Ref : NationMaster

‘Porn, Drugs and Alcohol’,

Of-course, it’s all like common in these days for teens. According to the statistics, in India, Teens goes to porn websites than adults. It’s being their favourite category.

88% of porn contains live women assault.

30% of web contains porn.

For every 5 years, searches for ‘Teen porn’ triples.

According to Covenant eyes, ‘it’s impossible to stop teens watching porn websites’, and the statistics will definitely surprise you!

More than 2 billlion porn web searches were available in 2015. Porn.

90% of boys and 60% girls get introduced to internet porn by age 18.

Adulterers were the most regular viewers of online porn compared to one faithful spouses.

56% divorces had one spouse having an interest in Internet porn.

20% of mobile devices searches were porn websites.

In most of the pubs, night parties, Drugs and Alcohol serving great contribution to uglify the mindset of youth. But, do we care?


It’s obvious that India is growing faster and the medias are about to crouch the culture of India using ‘Film industry, Women assaults and the crimes.” The way these western and so called Human-Rights media showing is just like ‘Rapes happens only in India’ and “Do women supposed to get raped in other countries as their pride of modernised nation?”

In India, the first ‘Slutwalk’ was in Bhopal on July 17  with 50 people and next ones was in Delhi on July 31, Lucknow on Aug 11 in the year of 2011. And, the motto was “If women really want to, they could always say no”, As a result, in the year of 2011, most cases reported to the police than ever. Does rapists asked permission to assault?

Well, when NDA government banned the porn websites in India, it became an international issue and the same media questioned the government as like decision was against of Human Rights. When most rapists’re found guilty and admitted that they assaulted on the motive of lust, porn, dressing of women, then these feminist medias on high rank on raising the questions of women, basis on the cultures of India.

Last drop :

People who claim that India is not safe for women must understand the fact that “Rapes aren’t only in India”, and they must see the cultures before they shout with agony.

In the most civilised European countries, most of the rapists are from family either from friends. But, In India, ‘Real rapes’ are committed by strangers in isolated places than from family or by known.  And, still we call ‘India is not safe for women’.

Who then is to blame encouraging these assaults in the name of modernising?

Does Indian culture say women to enjoy liberty than a freedom?

Does Indian culture performs assault on their own family members?

Does Indian culture allows to see women as a ‘stuff of lust’?

But, why medias ONLY focus India?

It’s unfortunate that In India, a porn star mused like a great cultured women. But, in other countries, celebrities on their personal modernised stuffs get called ‘Uncultured’. Medias interviewed to know their life style, but they never understood the cultures and values of Indian Society.

I could say as one woman, ‘Every woman is free to enjoy the Freedom, but not Libertinism’. In the name of Modernised life, where we are heading towards to?!

Sushmitha Saptharshi