Is it Just Pneumonia or Hillary Clinton is Suffering From Neurological Disease???

Hillary Clinton has attracted a lot of attention since she almost collapsed during the last Sunday’s 9/11 memorial event. There were news stories about the Democratic presidential nominee’s health doing rounds even before the Sunday’s incident. But now, voters are unsure about Hillary’s health. Result for a survey conducted by HuffPost / YouGov suggests that considerable percent of Americans believe that Clinton is seriously ill since the incident.

Hillary Clinton returned to her campaign from Thursday. However, she did not apologize to the people for keeping her health issues a secret. She was once again caught on camera when she tried to suppress a cough during an event in Washington, DC on Friday, September 16th. Clinton exited the stage with her hand covering her mouth. This indicated that all is not well as of now.

Clinton’s personal doctor Lisa Bardack issued a statement that the presidential nominee has small right middle lobe pneumonia. Clinton also has an ear infection and a sinus. Her doctor claimed Clinton is responding well to antibiotics and is fit to be the next US president. But, top physicians from various parts of the US believe that Clinton is hiding something from the American population.

The Hidden Truth

Video footage shows uncontrollable coughing, possible blood clots, stumbles, fainting spells, loss of focus, and violent head-jerking as well. However, explanation released by Hillary’s campaign fails to explain the reason behind symptoms captured in the footage.  Medical experts interacted with reporters and shared their opinion about her health.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons executive director Dr. Jane Orient was approached by journalists for her opinion about Clinton’s health. She pointed out that presidential nominee’s doctor has ignored all the critical questions about her client’s health. Orient believes Clinton fell possibly because she might be suffering from neurological disorders.

Orthopedic surgeon and author Dr. Lee Hieb also expressed a similar concern. Hieb shared his opinion that the presidential nominee did not show symptoms of pneumonia, but does indicate that she suffers from neurological disorder and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. The orthopedic surgeon also said the former first lady is hiding details about her health issues from public for several years.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I handle several patients. From my overall experience, I can say that people suffering from neurological disorders and people who are alcoholics fall too often, like Hillary. But, she is not an alcoholic, so, she is probably suffering from neurological disorders. She even broke her elbow and injured her head when she fell in front of the camera. Pneumonia does not explain her sudden fall and abnormal posture that she showed when she almost collapsed while on the way to her car,”-said Hieb while sharing his opinion.

During the interaction, Dr. Lee Hieb also made a sensational claim that the Democratic presidential nominee has appointed individuals who help her unfreeze by touching her if she stumbles or faints while on the stage.

Orlando-based NovaMed Surgery Center’s former director Dr. Ted Noel recently made a splash in the headlines when he released a video that explains how Clinton’s symptomatic behavior is linked with Parkinson’s disease.

 “Video evidence shows that Hillary might be suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and thus, she is unfit for the Oval Office.”- said Dr. Ted Noel.

Fareed Zakaria almost declared Clinton as a winner in the race for White House. Clinton’s organization made fun of Donald Trump’s medical report.  No one believed Donald Trump when he suggested Clinton is medically unfit for a while. But now, how would presstitutes, CF’s employees, and Islamists claim Hillary is fit when she is showing symptoms that indicate she is not fit for the office that she is fighting election for? Was President Obama aware about Hillary”™s health issues when he recently endorsed her?

Trump’s claim was supported by London Daily Mail. The news site recently published one report that discusses how Clinton misled her White House Staff in 1998 by saying that she had a pulled muscle, whereas, actually she had a blood clot.

Along with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, several prominent politicians, including Dr. Ben Carson, have urged Hillary Clinton to opt for another health check up and make the report public.

Nitten Gokhaley


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