Is it true that a boy was arrested just for questioning journalist Rajdeep Sardesai?

A sensational allegation has been put on journalist Rajdeep Sardesai ahead of the Karnataka elections. A news on social media went viral where a woman by the twitter handle, Shakuntala Iyer, claimed that a boy named Umesh was detained by the police for recording a video in which Rajdeep Sardesai was questioned.

The tweet said,

  • “Ashok Nagar police have detained the boy who challenged Rajdeep Sardesai. He is kept in police station without FIR since yesterday 10 AM. They are calling and threatening the guy who recorded it. Great job Sir Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City. Great law keeping when we pay taxes”.

Shakuntala Iyer also requested the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City “Sir, Please don’t provoke public. There is enough and more face-loss to your dept under Siddaramaiah govt. Ask your police mend their ways, behave normal. This case will be reported to Human Rights for violating the rights of an individual. You can’t keep Umesh in custody”.

Notable film-maker, Ashoke Pandit, also throws light on the issue!

If the claims are to be true then this is absolutely unfortunate because the “right to question” anyone is a must in India and that’s what has kept India a unique nation when compared to the rest of the world. If this right is denied then there won’t be any difference between India and China, which is under a dictator.

People who abuse PM Modi roam free but a boy who questioned a journalist is arrested? asked a Twitterati!

“Dear Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru, What is his crime that you have arrested that person who challenged Rajdeep Sardesai? We cannot even ask questions to journalists? Are they above law? You Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru do nothing to those who hurl abuses on Modi, our Prime Minister. Shame Sir.”

Another twitterati said “Mewani publicly incited people to throw chairs at PM Modi’s Karnataka rallies, an FIR has been filed by the Election Commission but how many times has he been called to the Police Station in one month? A young man verbally vents his frustration on Rajdeep, gets hauled into the Police Station in hours. How?

What had actually happened?

Hours back, Shakuntala Iyer revealed what had actually happened. She said that the slogan “Modi Modi” was raised front of Rajdeep Sardesai. She went on to say “Someone tags video to Police . Someone else’s vehicle pic is taken by Rajdeep aide. Rajdeep gets CM’s support. Police track vehicle owner n push him to station. How quick Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru! Very efficient work! Efficient to arrest Modi supporters!”.

Shakuntala Iyer also broke the news that the boy was later released by the police. She said “Heard that the boy is released after taking a statement. This Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru, your team should have done last night. What message does it give to a civilian when he gets detained overnight by Police for just sloganeering Please educate your team. No more wrong message about Bengaluru”.

But Rajdeep Sardesai had a completely different story as he said “Fake news brigade at work! First behave like jerks, then spread a lie. He is welcome to say what he wants”.

The truth must come out and the journalists who threaten the public must be sent behind the bar.

Hansika Raj