Is it true that Amarnath temple was first discovered by a Muslim Shepherd in 1850? What is the true story behind it?

India is believed to be one of the most sacred places on Earth. The history, culture and tradition dates back to thousands of years which have a deep routed connection with the divine energy. Every action, every rituals have a meaning which establishes the unique bonding with man and nature. Every historic place has tons of history which depicts the rich culture and heritage of our country.

One such place in the Amarnath Temple Caves which is in the state of Jammu Kashmir. It is located at an altitude of 3,888 m and is considered to be one of the most sacred places for Hindus. Every year during the month of June (Vyas Poornima), the temple opens for devotees during which thousands of people visit the holy place and closes on the day of Sharavan. At the Amarnath, the Shiva Linga is formed naturally due to the freezing of water that falls from the top of the caves. Just next to the big Shiva Linga, two more lingas are formed which are believed to represent Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. It is believed that this was the same place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati meditated for years. So, this place is considered to be very divine and holy for all Hindus.

But since many years there has been an attempt to discredit the history of this place propping up many stories to mislead people. This has led to many controversies over the origin of Amarnath caves. There has been a cooked up story created by the so-called secular club of our country in which they claim that Amarnath temple was discovered only in 1850 by a Muslim Shepherd called Buta Malik. By propagating this story, the secular club said that the concept of Amarnath Yatra started only 100-150 years back and needs to be stopped. The entire plan is to downplay the existence of Amarnath Temple before 1950 and submerse the long-standing belief.

This story can be busted with proof. According to few seculars, the Amarnath Temple was discovered in 1950 before which there was no record of pilgrims visiting the temple.

Bhrigu Purana which was written thousands of years back describes the existence of Amarnath Temple, according to the book, the caves were first discovered by Bhrigu Maharshi who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the valley was submerged in water for a long time and Mahashri Kashyap drained out the water connecting the place to rivers after which Bhrigu got the opportunity to see the Amarnath Linga for the first time.

The existence of the caves has also been mentioned in the Amarnath Mahamatya which was said to be written before 6th Century.  Nilmata Purana, also describes the holy place of Amarnath and the tradition of people visiting the place even during the 6th century. The writing from Nilmata Purana describes bathing at Amaresha lake is equal to donating 1000 cows. Amaresha Lake still exists in Amarnath and is one of the most beautiful place.

Rajatarangini, a book written by Kalhana in 1148 speaks about the Amarnath Shrine existing from thousands of years. The consecutive books are written by Jonaraja and Suka in Zaina Rajatarangini and Suka’s Rajatarangini describes the pilgrimage model in 1500’s. Pragyabhatta’s Rajavali Pitaka is another book which shows how Amarnath temple was very famous even in 15th century. (SwarajyaMag)

François Bernier, a French physician who visited Kashmir along with King Aurangzeb in 1663 has penned down his experience in the book called “Travels in Mughal Empire”. He writes …“The grotto full of wonderful congelations is the Amarnath cave, where blocks of ice, stalagmites formed by dripping water from the roof are worshipped by many Hindus who resort here as images of Shiva.” The grotto he is referring to is none other than Amarnath Caves.

Another book written by a British traveller Vigne who visited India in 1942 writes about the beautiful caves of Amarnath.


So, the entire myth of Muslim Shepherd discovering the Amarnath Temple is a fake story propped up to support their pseudo-secular argument while the history and evidence clearly shows that the Amarnath Yatra existed from thousands of years even before the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

So, people should stop believing the cooked up stories of the secular gang who have made it a habit to undermine and suppress the rich traditions of Hindu culture and traditions for their political careers.

Credits: True Indology

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