Is it true that Barkha Dutt has received chilling threats? But why people, including a Congress leader, are mocking the support lent by Shashi Tharoor to Barkha Dutt?

The lady journalist who claimed that she is getting threats from powerful people in the establishment, that she and her family is under threat. Here’s someone who felt sorry at her pathetic condition.

And that’s none other than the man accused and summoned in his own wife’s murder!! I guess most of you have got the name by now, didn’t you?

Yes Barkha take care ..last person who wanted to speak her mind was Sunanda & she didn’t live to see another day!!! And you are lucky you have survived for 4 yrs!!!!

Hypocrisy is the buzz word for most of the Congressmen. Though he squeezed out time to offer a shoulder to cry baby, he is too preoccupied in facing heat from agencies (judiciary too) for the mysterious death of his wife.

How can she be so outright dumb?? Why blabber on twitter?? Go file a police complaint and upload the FIR copy on twitter and then dare to talk. But to be frank, if a few people like you are bumped down then the other people jumping around will calm on their own.

Congress media cell has ensured my complete boycott on almost all TV channels- Guest coordinators are called up & told “if u call Poonawalla – we will ensure no Cong leader comes to your channel” – I have proof of this!

Could you support my right to free speech too sir!

Freedom of speech is a tool which can be used only by those under investigation and threat to life is publicized on Twitter who are mostly irrelevant now. This has indeed become a tactic trend to portray themselves as victims on social media handles and gain sympathy. Or rather spread hatred against the ruling Government!

The question should be the Congress leaders deserve to share a seat stage with someone like you? And the answer is NO. And its a request to Barkha not to keep any hope of help from the great Shashi Tharoor as he safeguards the rights of only those people who convey the fake propaganda of Congress to the masses!!

This is congress type of democracy. There is no freedom of expression except for Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. “If you agree this ideology then you are secular if you don’t agree you have no right of freedom of expression”. Right to free speech, according to these pseudo secularists or paid journalists, is applicable only to those who spew venom against the BJP and espouse the cause of Terrorists.

Barkha don’t just sensationalize the issue. Take a logical course of filing an FIR unless it is a propaganda gimmick by you to increase your TRP. If it is just a propaganda effort by you, it is going to further damage your credibility which is already at an all time low. Here’s what Barkha Dutt Tweeted a few days back:

Received chilling veiled threats and “messages” from powerful people in the Establishment today that my family and I are under surveillance – and that I will be smeared & maligned to stop me from starting any new projects. Was advised to get my house debugged. Is this my country?