Is it true that Congress invited controversial preacher Zakir Naik to address IPS trainees in 2013?

Just days after the ghastly terror attack in Sri Lanka, their government has acted in the most toughest way against terrorism and everything related to it. They banned burqa, which was being misused by terrorists and now they have banned all channels that promote radical views on Islam and misguide people. The Peace TV, which belongs to Zakir Naik, the controversial Islamic teacher, named in various terror attack has been now been banned in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankans have definitely acted much more tough than us in terms of curbing Islamic terror inside the country which India has not been able to do even after being a victim of terror since 3 decades. Once Sri Lanka found that the recent terror attack was inspired by ISIS module and Zakir Naik’s preaching, they have taken every possible action to make sure the incident doesn’t repeat.

But in India when the government took action against Zakir Naik, the liberal gang had cried foul and had supported him big time. In the year 2016, The Enforcement Directorate had registered criminal case against controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and his organisation Islamic Research Foundation under various money laundering laws. Earlier in November, following various investigations, Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation by the central government. His NGO was banned as an “unlawful” organization under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for 5 years.

Following this, Government of India banned Islamic Research Foundation, the NGO of hate-preacher Zakir Naik under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had raided at 12 different locations in Mumbai in connection with his NGO. During raids, the NIA had recovered ‘incriminating’ documents, files, electronic storage devices and Rs 12 lakh in cash. The Income Tax also joined the NIA during the raids as Zakir Naik and his NGO are alleged to have received unaccounted foreign funds.

Zakir Naik and his associates were booked by NIA under section 153-A of IPC (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) beside various sections of UAPA. National Investigation Agency had also slapped charges on them under sections 10 (being member of an unlawful organisation), 13 (punishment for being member of illegal organisation) and 18 of UAPA (punishment for being involved in a conspiracy for committing any terror act).

But the so called secular parties, including Congress had opposed the government’s action against him. But this is not the surprising issue, the controversial Islamic leader was  in fact made a hero during the Congress rule.

Yes, Zakir Naik in the year 2013- 2014 before Modi government could come, was invited by Sonia Gandhi’s UPA government as a Key note speaker to address over 160 IPS trainee officers (plus 10 officers from Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives), in addition to senior IPS officers at the invitation of the academy. He was said to have given the topic ‘Terrorism and Jihad: An Islamic Perspective’, as claimed by one of the face book post which supports Zakir Naik.


In a statement given to few news channels, Zakir Naik had himself confirmed that before May 2014, he was invited to address the National Police Academy in Hyderabad.

Now, if this is true, one can imagine to what extent the Congress government supported a terror accused and gave him an opportunity to lecture the IPS trainees. It is a shame that Congress encouraged such people and now wants to prove themselves to be Nationalists.

Their history proves why they are so angry on India’s surgical strike on Pakistan terrorists or Air strikes and have gone to the extent of speaking against Indian Army.

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