Is it true that if we want to save Hinduism, then we need to vote for BJP?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Hinduism are associated to each other from decades now. When the Congress has been carrying forward the trend of favoring the minority sections of the society to fill its vote banks, while on the other hand, BJP party is believed to save the origins of Hinduism and the dignity of Hindu brother ins from its ever existence.

If a question is raised, will voting for BJP save Hinduism? Then my answer to this will be ‘yes’. Relying on Congress government for upliftment of Hinduism will be a total waste of energy. People in India are well versed with Congress party and its agendas favoring the Muslims.

Apart from all these discussions…Hinduism stands above all these aspects. It cannot be destroyed by any form of politics or strategy. Known to be the oldest religion of all, estimated to be around 12,000 years old “Hinduism” which cannot be abolished that easily. Apart from the fact that Hinduism is supported and uplifted by the BJP party, Hinduism or Hindus do not need any form of support to prove its originality.

Well, Hinduism is not in danger but Hindus and their rights are seen in danger. Hindu men and women following the religion are been threatened and restricted of their own religion. BJP is the only political party which stands for their rights and is against of Anti- Hindu propaganda of Congress. There is a huge wave of negativity among the BJP and the Congress party which has led to become the biggest rivalries.

Let me give you an example of a recent issue that led to riots between both the parties. Congress is filled with cowards who cannot dare to stand in favour to construction of Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The only reason behind this is that they cannot give up with their higher section of votes which comes from the Muslim community. And supporting this issue can cause damage to their source of votes. Obviously, why would they give up with their voters? After all politics and designation counts is more to them than the welfare of the people.

In India, it goes like…

PM Modi who stands for the rights of the Hindus is condemned and criticized for his every decision in favour of the Hindus. Right from his Swacch Bharath Abhiyan upto his stand on construction of Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, he is been mocked by calling him an Anti- Muslim. His every step is called communal with a different twist and turn.

These Congressmen and the Muslim community have turned blind enough to ignore the good works done by PM Modi. He is not into favoring any particular community but he is paying justice to his position of Prime Minister. He has selflessly worked towards the abolition of Triple talaq and paid justice to Muslim women suffering injustice from decades. He need not have to do this if he was an Anti-Muslim. Muslim women have come forward and expressed their regards to PM Modi.

This behaviour is hard to expect from Congress towards the Hindu community. Hindus will be slaughtered in middle of the road, Hindu temples will be demolished and Hindu women will be molested in open grounds by the Muslim if Congress rises to throne again. There will be no action taken from the Congress heads as that is the amount of freedom been given to Muslim community to torture the Hindus.

Rather than having a talk on BJP protecting Hinduism, it would be better to say that Congress is in full form to destroy Hinduism in order to protect its voters in the minority groups.

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