Is it true that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah is scared of this mysterious lady named Nowhera Shaikh, who has got support from Salman Khan’s family to contest in Karnataka elections?

The game of thrones in Karnataka is getting interesting as new and unexpected twists are emerging every single day. Now there is a news spreading in Karnataka that the chief minister is scared of a mysterious lady because she has all potentials to shatter the Muslim vote bank of the Congress party even though her party won’t win in the elections.

This speculations has become even more strong after the car of the mysterious lady got attacked in Karnataka. The mysterious lady is none other than Nowhera Shaikh, who is the head of  All-India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP). Even though her party is contesting in Karnataka for the first time, she has fielded her candidates in the 221 constituencies and that’s why the problem for Congress has increased.

Why Nowhera Shaikh’s MEP has put the Congress party in deep trouble?

  • In the 2013 elections, the victory margin of around 100 constituencies were around 5,000 votes. This is when Nowhera Sheikh’s party comes into play.
  • A party based out of Tolichowki in Hyderabad which is led by Nowhera has succeeded into attracting the Muslim women. So, if her party grabs around 3000-5000 votes in at least 20 seats than  it will be a huge loss to the Congress as the survey has revelaed that there is neck to neck battle between BJP and Congress in atleast 50 constituencies.
  • Every vote casted in favour of JDS and MEP is an add-on to the BJP. Soon after the first rally of PM Modi, the Congress has been pushed to its backfoot. to add to the woes, the MEP has intensified its campaigning as it has pulled few of the celebrities. Salman Khan’s family has joined hands with MEP.
  • Yes, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan and many other stars are going to join he campaigning in Karnataka and urge the pubic to support the MEP.

The MEP supporters are accusing that looking at the vast support the MEP is garnering, the Congress has unleashed violence against the party.

  • Attack on AIMEP national president Dr. Nowhera Shaik’ car is unprecedented. Congress has stooped so low that they are intimidating their political rivals by such apolitical tactics. Reason is evident: MEP shook INC by its core. Siddaramaiah Fears MEP!

There was massive outrage in the social media on Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and the Congress party!

  • You can beat us, pelt stone on us, try to intimidate us or probably kill us to death. But, you can never break our shared sense of suffering, intimidate our conscious or kill our ideas. We are here for change and we will manifest it!

Few users showed the broken glasses of the cars that were shattered due to stone pelting. The supporters accused the Congress leaders of doing this act.

Few others tweeted the picture of a youth who was hit due to the heavy stone pelting!

Months ago, MEP’s Nowhera Shaik had said that “Farmers are struggling for water and electricity in the state of Karnataka. If MEP comes to power in the state, we will solve all these problems and we will continue our fight in the state. Our fight is not against Prime Minister Narendra Modi or AICC President Rahul Gandhi. Our fight is against injustice to the people. If you see our candidate list, you will realize who is following ‘Sab ka Saath and Sabka Vikas’ ideology. If you see the list of national parties, you will realize they have distributed tickets to all rich candidates”.


Hansika Raj