Is it true that NSA Ajit Doval flew with terrorist Masood Azhar in a special plane to Kandahar?

If “lies” are removed from Rahul Gandhi’s speech, then his speech will be left with only “dekho bhaiyya”. On 11th March, Rahul Gandhi had said in Delhi “You would remember that during their (NDA) last Govt, current National Security Advisor Ajit Doval went to Kandahar to hand over Masood Azhar”.

Prior to that on 9th March, he tweeted “PM Modi please tell the families of our 40 CRPF Shaheeds, who released their murderer, Masood Azhar? Also tell them that your current NSA was the deal maker, who went to Kandahar to hand the murderer back to Pakistan”.

We can’t believe even a single word from the mouth of Rahul Gandhi until it is fact checked. Now the Congress chief’s claim is that India’s James Bond NSA Ajit Doval went to Kandahar to hand over Masood Azhar. But when we dig out the history files, this statement is nothing but another lie by the chief of Congress party.

Exposing the lies of Rahul Gandhi, senior officer said “He (Doval) was not on the plane on which Azhar had to be flown to Kandahar to secure the release of 161 passengers on board IC-814”.

He also added that Ajit Doval had reached Kandahar ahead of Azhar’s release only to negotiate with the ISI-controlled hijackers and Taliban terrorists backing them.

Also note that the release of terrorist Masood Azhar was decided in an all party meet where Rahul Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi was also present. In order to save the lives of 161 Indians who were in the plane, releasing the terrorist was necessary.

Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul said that “NSA Ajit Doval had opposed the release of terrorist Masood Azhar during IC814 hijacking. It’d have meant more casualties unfortunately, but Doval wanted more time to negotiate a way out without release of Azhar”.

Hansika Raj