Is it true that Tipu Sultan made donations to Sringeri Temple? Congress will never tell you the real story!

On one hand, Rahul Gandhi and his party divides Hindus, on the other hand he shamelessly visits Hindus temples projecting himself as a Hindu devotee. Of course everyone has the right to visit temples if they want, but what is unacceptable is the fake propaganda which is being spread to fool Hindus and the country by Rahul Gandhi.

Just 3 days after the Congress created a big divide in the Hindu community which shook the entire country, Rahul Gandhi started his Temple run in Karnataka for the upcoming elections. It is very well known that Congress is desperate to erase the tag they have earned with their appeasement politics as Muslim Party and Anti Hindu Party. Which is why Rahul Gandhi has been instructed to chose the soft Hindutva approach to attract Hindu votes which have consolidated towards BJP.

Rahul Gandhi who came to Sringeri yesterday, visited the famous Sringeri Sharadamba Temple which was the first Vidhya Peetha established by Adi Shankaracharaya. The Congress president though wanted to project himself as a Hindu devotee, could not hide his real intention and his pseudo secular attitude within him. In the temple, he started praising Tipu Sultan and called him the face of communal harmony. Rahul Gandhi while in Sringeri temple asked KPCC spokesperson K Diwakar the connection between Tipu Sultan and Sringeri Mutt, for which Diwakar apparently said Tipu Sultan had made some donation to the temple, after which Rahul Gandhi was impressed and called Tippu Sultan the face of the communal harmony.

But Rahul Gandhi forgot to also ask what was Tippu Sultan’s contribution to Melkote Hindus, he did not ask what was Tipu Sultan’s contribution to Madikeri Hindus, he did not ask what did he do to hundreds of Hindu temple, what he did to Sanskrit Scholars in Srirangapatna.  Probably if he had asked these questions, he would have known Tippu was not the face of communal harmony, but the face of Islamic brutality and conversion!

Tipu’s brutality had no end in the regions of South, he killed over 1 Lakh Madikeri warriors, converted over 10,000 people in single day and destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples in the Malabar region (Now Kerala) and he proclaimed them proudly.

Tipu Sultan after conquering regions of Malabar had said to one of his loyal servant Badruz Juman Khan I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam. I am now determined to march against the cursed Raman Nair.”

This decision to attack the Dharmaraja Raman Nair of Travancore cost him dearly and this was he extended his support to Sringeri Mutt. Tipu who was overconfident of winning all places attacked Travancore Kingdom which lead to the Third Third Anglo Mysore war, in which Tipu lost most of his territory. According to 1972 Treaty, he had to surrender half of his Kingdom to the British. So, he master planned a strategy to appease Hindus and Temple heads in the area as he very well knew that he cannot win the war without the support of Hindus who were in majority. It was then he made some donations to the Sringeri Mutt which had huge influence on all Hindu Kings and people since Hundreds of years.

But some fake historians twisted the story and made this event into Secular moment of Tipu Sultan and depicted it as a tolerant face of Tipu. A book written by VR Parameswaran Pillai about Life History of Raja Kesavadas describes that Tipu greatly believed in Astrology and had many astrologers and soothsayers in his Kingdom. After his defeat in the Third Anglo-Mysore war he had taken the advise of Astrologers to know about his planetary positions which were affecting him in war. The Brahmin Astrologers had then advised him to make donations to the Sringeri Mutt.

This has been pen-downed in VR Parameswaran Pillai’s book. With respect to the much-published land-grants I had explained the reasons about 40 years back. Tipu had immense faith in astrological predictions. It was to become an Emperor (Padushah) after destroying the might of the British that Tipu resorted to land-grants and other donations to Hindu temples in Mysore including Sringeri Mutt, as per the advice of the local Brahmin astrologers. Most of these were done after his defeat in 1791 and the humiliating Srirangapatanam Treaty in 1792. These grants were not done out of respect or love for Hindus or Hindu religion but for becoming Padushah as predicted by the astrologers.”

So, this was the reason why Tipu made donations to the Sringeri Mutt and not because he was a great devotee of Goddess Sharadamba or respected the Hindu culture or tolerated the Hindu practice.

But the Nehru-Gandhi family and their sycophants who are master of twisting facts have misguided the entire generation for around 50 years saying Tipu Sultan was a tolerant secular leader.  But in reality he was the most brutal King who destroyed Millions of Hindu families with an intention to spread Islam in the country.

Rahul Gandhi who is a well known ignorant should first read not just HISTORY but the CORRECT HISTORY and then make statements and give credits to a person like Tipu Sultan. His praise for Tipu Sultan in the Sringeri Mutt is an insult to the million Hindus who were butchered by the bigot Tipu Sultan.  Rahul Gandhi who is touring Karnataka, should make time to visit to the houses of Melkote Iyengars and ask the entire village as to why they do not celebrate Diwali (Deepawali) even today, they will give the account of real face of Tipu Sultan.


Aishwarya S


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