Is it true that Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is in London for a Knee Surgery?


These days it’s more of Fake News that bags attention, rather than factual information that should be propagated. Many of us tend to look and believe deep into fake information, even before questioning and examining it. Being literates we blindly look into these things and do not really bother examining them before we pass it on further.

The right target to these traps are politicians and celebrities, who are the main victims to this deep pit of “Fake News” propaganda widely practised on social media handle these days.

Here’s one more renowned personality been a trap to this social media: There had been a news spread all over the social media in the past 24 hours regarding the well-known name in Yoga and fitness- Baba Ramdev. Social media handles had featured news about Baba Ramdev flying to London for the treatment of his knees had gone viral.

The social media brigade claims that the Yoga Guru is suffering from such intense pain in his knees that he had to fly to London and that he will be staying in London for the surgery of his knees.

A wide number of tweets on Twitter read that, the Yoga Man Baba Ramdev is flying to United Kingdom for Surgery! Where on one hand, Yoga is promoted heavily by our Indian Prime minister as well. These fake tweets have not even gained a single penny, trying to crash the image of the Yoga Guru. It would be better these nonsense Twitterati look for a better job, rather than trapping well-known names in fake propaganda.

Congratulations to the Cyber Communists for successfully conducting an online Knee Surgery of Baba Ramdev in London while he was participating in a Yoga Shibir In Haridwar . The Patient is fine but the Doctor is dead !

Right after this fake message started spreading in social media, people had numerous number of questions running in their minds regarding the Yoga Guru and his techniques of treating illness. It was almost like, why would Baba Ramdev who preaches the power of Yoga, require going outside India for his surgery?

There have been instances when Baba Ramdev has cured the knees of people who had lost hopes, by simple acupressure. He has demonstrated many different Yoga exercises that as per his claims can fully cure people’s knees. He also preaches usage of Ayurvedic medicines in case of ailments. Does Baba Ramdev actually have knee-pain? Is Baba Ramdev really going to London for a knee surgery?

It was ultimately the “ABP News team” which actually went ahead and investigated the matter to reach the depth to find the truth. It found that Baba Ramdev is not in London but is presently at “Haridwar Yoga Shibir”. He will be staying there till 5th of May.

In order to dispel further doubts, they have spoken to Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson to know whether he is planning to go to London and is he suffering from any knee-ailment. His spokesperson replied that “Baba Ramdev is not suffering from any sort of ailment and is fit and fine”.

This step by the news team has finally put an end to the flying rumour and cleared all doubts arising out of people’s mind. The credibility and dignity of the Yoga Guru has been kept up with all respect.

The Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev is brand on his own. Most well-known in the field of Yoga and wellness. He is the most eminent Yoga expert in the country has time and again advocated indigenous treatment methods for different ailments. He has been vocal in his criticism of present-day treatment methods. He believes in herbal- natural treatments and products beyond chemical treatment.

He has introduced a wide range of consumer products brand called “Patanjali” in the year 2006 – within a few days after its launch, it has gained wide popularity and trust among the consumers. The yoga guru claims it to be made of 100% natural ingredients and safe for human body.

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