Is Karnataka police working for people of the state or Congress government?

Ever since the Congress government came to power in Karnataka, the entire state machineries have been taken under the control of Siddaramaiah and Congress. Every institute, every government body have become puppets in the hands of Siddaramaiah. Probably no time in history did we see such a dictatorial form of government in Karnataka where government institutions have become toothless and caught in the hands of the Congress.

Especially the police in Karnataka have completely forgotten that they are public servants and not Congress servants. The entire Police department is being misused by Siddaramaiah for his vested interests. Despite 25 murders of Hindu activists, the police completely failed to nab culprits and bring them to justice. Instead, the Siddaramaiah government had ordered the release of those people involved in communal clashes belonging to minority religion. It is not just common people but there have been numerous cases of harassment, death and murder of police officers in the state which showed that the state was turning into a Gunda hub with police themselves running for their life.

In Karnataka, the situation is so pathetic that no one can ever speak against the Congress government or question them. The moment you speak or question, you are more likely to land up in jail or dragged to court with a fake FIR against you. BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali was targeted in a similar fashion by Karnataka police just because he raised concern about Kidzee School in Kariammana Agrahara in Bellandur Ward. On 17th February 2017, few parents of this school had filed a complaint about the sexual harassment that is been happening in the school against small kids. But the police failed to take any action against the school as the school is owned by the daughter of a Congress MLC.

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When the parents were upset with police behaviour, they approached Arvind Limbavali who requested the police to take immediate action. When they again failed to take action, Arvind Limbavali led a protest march along with parents to the police station. But the police stopped him from entering the station. Just a few days later, the police instead of taking action against the school filed an FIR against Arvind Limbavali and said the court that the MLA was absconding.

The biggest irony is, the complaint against the school was filed in February 2017 and the police have filed FIR against Arvind Limbavali in 2018, just before the Karnataka elections. The funny part is, the police have claimed that Arvind Limbavali is absconding while he is fully active and seen all the time in public events. He has attended numerous functions, public events where the police were themselves present. So the police FIR is nothing but a targeted harassment being orchestrated by the Siddaramaiah government who is misusing the police department.

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These cases of targeted harassment have become very common in Karnataka under Congress rule. The media which is vocal for every issue has deliberately suppressed all negative facts about Congress government and trying to save crooks and criminals in the state.

The police will have to be reminded that they are wearing the uniform to protect the people from criminals and not protect criminals themselves. Such repeated incidents in the state have made people literally lose faith in the police department which has lead to further deterioration of the law and order situation in Karnataka.

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