Is Kashmiriyat converting into Islamiyat and killing Insaaniyat?

Dinosaurs eloped. Dragon eloped. Dragon fly the oldest species on earth sustained. Hindus are dangerous species on verge of extinction is what is generally said to create insecurity in Santanis. Like dragonfly, we have sustained the onslaught of millions of years of human existence. Definition of time by book driven religions of time machine and historians of limited knowledge and spectrum is myopic view on Hindu Vedas content & context.

Islam, Christianity are two off shoots of semantic faith Judaism, which brought back war between truth, half truth, half lie , lie quadrants of so called modern personality lead prophets & book driven there after of religions and the traditional debate based sanatan freedom. Spread of Christianity and Islam has history full of invasions, coercion, inquisitions and conversions. Roots diluted of converted to an extent that there is no legacy or dignity left. A convert of global citizenry landscape lost his love for motherland, respect for ancestors and integrity with institutions of family, philosophy and contemporary society. A complete case of lost identity. Vatican or ummaha are their current romances and materialism or sharia are their aspiration to peruse.

A case under lens is Kashmir. Land developed from marshy areas after huge geological turbulence created new mountain ranges of Himalayan peaks, was made livable and beautiful by none other than son of Brahma Kashyap. After his name the land was called Kashmir. Thousands of years his sons and descendants live peacefully as researchers,scientists and intellectuals of Vedas call Brahmins.

Modern history embarks that not even single Muslims existed in Kashmir just 700 years ago. Brahmins, Kshatriyas and few Jews, Tribes called Bakarwals have mentions in various text of the times before. Islam entered India from Kerala and erected first mosque of planet after Mecca in southernmost tip of rich Indian state, which itself was reclaimed from sea by non other than reincarnation of Lord Vishnu -Parashuram. Today 40% of Kerala is following unobjectionably Islamic faith and with global heat reaching shores, it is becoming more wahabi by the day. Hands being chopped by fantastic islamists. RSS cadres in Malabar region being pin pointedly killed. Cultural values of Hindus of purest forms ““ Namoboodripads & Others eroded by leftist and congress regimes in cyclic orders for last 50 years.

Invasion of Islam by Mughals in Kashmir has mentions in modern history. With the sole purpose of conversion of pandits, Aurangzeb gave orders to collect sacred thread called “Jeneyu” in weight measuring 1600 kgs per day or collect heads if they don”™t convert and accept Islam. Partition of 1947 saw genocide of one million Hindus & Sikhs by Muslims in the worst ever migration of human population to feed appetite of Nehruvian ambition to become Prime Minister. Hindu king Hari Singh delayed submission of letter of annexation to Union of India and Nehru delayed forces movement in absence. Terrorist from Pakistan entered Kashmir and sown the seed of dipute unresolved as per occupying forces of Islam, till date. India is clear on Land Of Kashyap belong to its original heirs.

Islamic vultures have created countries from Indian Penninsula. Having consumed Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan , Bangladesh in the last 700 years. Land and people lost their identity and pushed to dark ages of tribal religious beliefs and values where female remained sex objects to deliver as many children as machine. Win by number or win by sword is dictat of Quran. India is at receiving end from both for last 1200 years. Peaceful Islam when defeated by civilized Hindus bank on libido to produce more and more kids. Once population share crosses 30% , real face of Islam surfaces. Following the principle of terror taught by Quran 300000 Hindu families pushed out by Islamic forces in as late as in1989. A sole event where Indian became refugee in India. For last 36 years they are on roads of various centers.

Creeping on Indian thick skin of patience and tolerance is snake of Islamic venom. Do exactly opposite of Hindu beliefs and snub them in ghettos caring no less for law of land. Article 370 gave them protection from rest of India. One county two constitution, two flags, two prime ministers were allowed by Nehru under strong protest from Sardar and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. Kashmir is not merely piece of land. It is a place which raises question on integrity , secularism, & co-existence which now well established are taboo in Islamic scheme of human values. Defeat here is defeat of mankind to demonic character of Islamic forces out there to gobble the dragonfly .

Sanatan will spread , will remain, will sustain in past. Asuras have reappeared on earth to challenge the existence of Devas. Devasur Sangam (War of god-evil) will have epicenter of land of Rishi Kashyap. Dragons and Dinosaurs have to extinct in the mentions of future Indologists.

Priyanka Jadon

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