Is only politics filled with ‘Dynasty politics’? Check the background of our Judges and their connections!

It is a well known phenomena that our India political class and especially Congress is filled with dynasty members which have literally blocked the entry of every other common man getting recognized in the government. The entire system has been dominated and monopolized by dynasty people who have converted government position their ancestral property.

It is unfortunate that every other institution in the country has picked up same trend where dynasty politics and nepotism has taken over the system. There is absolutely no value for hard working people and most times, all posts and positions are given to those people who have their family chain associated with the organsitaion.

Judiciary which is supposed to be away from politics and nepotism is unfortunately drowned in the worst possible political web due to which crores of people are getting affected in their political games. The country has been deprived of justice in many instances and is suffering in the hands of corrupt politicians.

Take a look at the background of all these judges…

1. Deepak Mishra, CJI – Son of Rangnath Mishra, who was also an Ex Chief Justice of India
2. Rajan Gogoi – Son of Congress leader Kesab Chandra Gogoi who also served as the Chief Minister of Assam from 13 January 1982 – 19 March 1982.
3. Madan Bhimrao Lokur who served as the Judge of the Supreme Court of India – Son of B himji N. Lokur, former judge of Allahabad HC and former Union law secretary
4. Arjan Kumar Sikri popularly known as A K Sikri is – Son of Sarv Mittra Sikri  who was the CJI of India from 22 January 1971 to 25 April 1973.
5. Sharad Arvind Bobde is the  Son of Arvind Bobde, who served as Advocate General of Maharastra
6. A k Mishra – Son of H G Mishra, Served as Judge in the Madhya Pradesh High Court.
7. Rohinton Fali Nariman- Son of noted lawyer Fali Sam Nariman
8. The present serving judge of the Supreme Court Uday Lalit is – Son of U R Lalit, Ex judge of the Delhi High Court
9. Present serving judge of the Supreme Court D Y chandrachud is – Son of ex CJI Y V Chandrachud
10. Sanjay Kishan Kaul is – Grandson of Raja Suraj Kishan kaul who was a politician from Jammu Kashmir
11. Indu Malhotra – Daughter of Om Prakash Malhotra, Senior Advocate in Supreme Court and distinguished author.
12. Kuttiyil Mathew Joseph well known as K M Joseph is – Son of K. K. Mathew was a judge of the Supreme Court of India, and chairman of tenth Law Commission.
13. Ex CJI Tirat Singh Thakur well known as  T S Takur is son of Late Justice Devi Dass Thakur, addnl judge, J&K HC.
14. Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose is son of Late Justice Sambhu Chandra Ghose, former CJ, Calcutta HC
15. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh is son of Late Justice Shambhu Prasad Singh, Patna High Court
16. Justice Arun Mishra son of Late Justice H.G. Mishra, former judge, Madhya Pradesh HC
17. Justice Amitava Roy son of Late Anadi ­Bhushan Roy, senior advocate, Father-in-law Late Justice Salil Kumar Dutta, former judge, ­Calcutta High Court
18. Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha Father Justice Srikrishna Mal Lodha (judge, Rajasthan HC) Uncles Chand Mal Lodha (CJ, Rajasthan HC & Guwahati HC), Guman Mal Lodha (freedom fighter, CJ, Guwahati HC).
19. Justice Altamas Kabir Father A minister in West Bengal Sister When she was elevated to ­Calcutta HC in 2010, Kabir, then a senior SC judge, claimed he had recused ­himself from the collegium during the selection process.
20. Justice R.C. Lahoti Father Ratan Lal Lahoti, advocate.
21.Justice V.N. Khare Uncle S.C. Khare, Indira Gandhi’s lawyer in her famous election case.
22. Justice B.N. Kirpal Father Amarnath Kirpal, lawyer
So, now one can imagine to what level there is nepotism in our Judiciary. Consider in other professions, how many families do you see where the professions have been taken up as possessions?
This is exactly why the collegium system must go and an independent body should be set up to select judges based on their credibility and not on their family background or influence.


Credits: OutLook India

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