Is Pakistan Worried About an Un-expected Retaliation from India?

A rat may find it easy to disturb a lion, but once lion gets into action, then rat will be running here and there. The present situation of Pakistan, after the Uri incident where 17 Indian soldiers were killed, is the same like the rat. Probably Pakistan had thought that the reaction from Indian side as well as other countries will be similar to earlier ones which were mostly oral warnings without any actions. But this time it is not so. Russia has cancelled military exercise with Pak as well as the MiG –   deal. Even though USA and Russia generally occupy the opposite sides, with regard to Kashmir issue, both are on the Indian side. Along with them, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Japan and other countries have also assured their support to India.
Now Pakistan is struck in the game. It will have to face aggression from all sides of it in case if the situation goes worse. Though China has not expressed its position officially, since Russia is backing India, it will not be able to support Pak overtly. So, even though Pak Prime Minister had said that the relation between Pakistan and China is taller Mount Everest, it will not be able to get much help from that side.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is on his visit to UN General Assembly in USA. He probably had thought of pitching Kashmir issue in the UN summit. But after seeing the support India is getting, it seems that the democratically elected government of Pakistan as well as the army both are worried and are threatened of a surgical strike from India. It is learnt that Nawaz Sharif has told the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif to respond India with full force.
Apart from military preparedness, Pakistan has cancelled all the flights from Islamabad to northern areas. It has also closed motorways at some places for all traffic so that fighter jets can make emergency landing and takeoff. This shows that Pakistan is getting ready for a full fledged conventional war with India.
Considering the developments in Pakistan, especially in Rajasthan ““ Pakistan border, Border Security Forces (BSF) is on high alert and preparing itself for any kind of attack from the side of Pakistan.
It would be good if both the countries avoid war as it will have negative impact on socio ““ economic and political stability of the region. However, it seems to be clear that if Pakistan instigates, India would definitely retaliate.

Akshara Damle
You may reach the author on Twitter @aksharadamle

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