RSS Loves Hitler? They Follow A Nazi Style Salute? What Is The Truth And What Is Not Can Only Be Experienced With An Open Mind! Here Are The Answers For Few More Allegations On RSS!

Chapter 28: When A visit by German Ambassador sparked unnecessary controvery

In Setember 2019,

The German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner paid a visit to the RSS headquarters in Nagpur . And for obvious reasons the dtractors  of RSS who likes to make controversy on anything remotely realted to RSS or Nagpur created unnecessary controversy this time too.

He was not the first Ambassador or foreign diplomat to visit the RSS offices either in Nagpur or Delhi. These visits are considered routine. However, he is the first Ambassador to make such a visit public.

The so called liberal forces have consistently tried to condemn, defame, oppose the RSS by spreading canards and unfounded lies about its philosophy and history. But by the grace of the Almighty and relentless efforts of RSS workers, RSS’ reach, spread and influence in Bharatiya society, pan India, has only grown and continues to do so.

On the other hand, this clique has been losing its grip on the narrative and the consciousness of the public and, in fact, is increasingly criticised for their elitist and discriminatory take on Bharat.

The intolerance of left brigade was also on display when they doggedly opposed the invitation of RSS functionaries to Jaipur Literature Festival.

An article condemning the visit of the German Ambassador was written in a portal known for it’s left leaning. The article was merely an aggregation of lies presented in a ‘scholarly’ fashion, and it carried a calibrated propaganda against the RSS.

One of the lies was that RSS reveres Hitler.

Nothing can be farther from truth. Those who are associated with RSS for decades know, Never any senior office-bearer of the RSS have glorified Hitler or Nazism. Dr. Manmohan Vaidya says, On the contrary, they have heard references about Israel, their heroic patriotism, national unity and commitment.

Shri Narayan Hari Palkar, a veteran RSS Pracharak and author of the first authentic biography of Dr. KB Hedgewar, has authored a book in Marathi on the victorious accomplishments of Israel – ‘Israel: From Torture to Strength’. There is popular book among RSs cadre ‘Nazi Bhasmasuracha Udayast’ meaning ‘The Rise and Fall of the Demon Nazi’.

The left liberals always quote the book ‘We and Our Nationhood Defined’ authored by Shri MS Golwalkar. The said book was first published in 1938 when Shri M.S. Golwalkar was not an office-bearer of the RSS. It doesn’t represent the RSS views.

Furthermore, this book was a translation of a Marathi book by Shri Babarao Savarkar, elder brother of Shri VD Savarkar, and not authored by MS Golwalkar.

Shri M.S. Golwalkar gave a detailed interview to a journalist Saifuddin Jilani in 1972 where he clearly elaborated RSS’ view on minorities, particularly Muslims.

These so-called academicians and scholars never mention or quote this interview because this is an inconvenient truth that contradicts their propaganda, even though it is on record. Here is an excerpt for the benefit of readers.

Shri Guruji: ‘Indianisation’ was, of course, the slogan given by Jana Sangh. Why should there be such confusion? ‘Indianisation’ does not mean converting all people to Hinduism. Let us all realise that we are all the children of this soil and we must have our allegiance to this land. We belong to the same society and share common ancestors. We also share common aspirations. Understanding this is ‘Indianisation’ in the true sense. Indianisation does not mean that one should be asked to quit his religious system. We neither said this, nor we are going to say so. Rather, we believe that a single religious system for the entire human society is not suitable.”

Dr.Mohan Bhagawat had a very good answer when asked why the approach of RSS is mailnly towards Hindus. He said-

“Just as in exams we attempt easier questions first before proceeding to the difficult ones, so it is with our work. We have first chosen to approach those who consider themselves Hindus (culturally). This is because we consider no one as our enemy in the world, or in the country. There may be those who have declared us their enemies, but whilst we may defend ourselves, we have never wished to finish them. On the contrary we aspire to take them along with us. This is the reality of Hindutva.”

He further said: “Dr Ambedkar had also said in the Constituent Assembly that because of our infighting, foreigners won and ruled over us. we are sitting in opposite camps but that is a compulsion of the system. At the end, all of us are one. If we won’t create this feeling of fraternity, then one cannot guarantee what our future would be like”.

Sangh too works with a feel of fraternity.

Dr. Hedgewar’s biographer writes that he was an unflinching patriot and a self-made person. He had very good relations with people from different walks of life and differing, often opposing views. His thoughts and actions were based on ‘Swa-Bodh’— self-consciousness and self-realisation. He had great respect for Lokmanya Tilak. After the demise of Tilakji in 1920, Dr Hedgewar accompanied Dr. Munje to Pondicherry to meet Yogi Aurobindo to take up the leadership of the Congress.

In 1921 when Berar Prant Congress Working Committee, headed by Lokanayak Ane, was mulling over passing a resolution to condemn the revolutionary movement for independence, Dr. Hedgewar intervened and persuaded them not to do it. He was equally close to revolutionary activities, and the varied groups in Congress – Tilak-supporters and Gandhi-supporters, Hindu Mahasabha leaders and even social reformers and social workers.

He had cordial relations with Dr. Munje, V.D. Savarkar and Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. Munje and Shri Savarkar were not part of the RSS. In the first meeting in 1925 when the RSS was founded, Dr. Munje was not part of it.

So, Dr. Munje’s opinions had no bearing on the RSS. In fact, Dr. Hedgewar was critical about Dr. Munje attending the round-table conference in London.

In a meeting in Pune addressed by Dr. Hedgewar, a person arrogantly countered him asking, “Who is that fool who says Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra?” Dr. Hedgewar without quoting any book or scholar (Shri V.D.Savarkar’s book ‘Hindutva’ was already there), calmly but firmly said, “I, Dr. Hedgewar, say that Bharat is Hindu Rashtra.

In 1937 Dr. Hedgewar arranged a tour of Veer Savarkar in Vidarbha for a month and stayed with him. Savarkarji was impressed by the Sangh work. He appreciated RSS and expressed his willingness to become a swayamsevak of RSS. However, Dr. Hedgewar politely suggested that his blessings were sufficient for the fledgeling organisation.

It is the tradition of Bharat that there can be various interpretations of a scripture or theme. Bhagwad Gita has been interpreted in various ways by different scholarly, learned people. The same is true for Hindutva also. Lokmanya Tilak gave a definition that whoever follows the Vedas is a Hindu.

“Pramanya Buddhirvedeshu Upasyanam Aniyamah”

But this excluded Jains and Buddhists who are very much a part of Bharat.

Then Swatantryaveer V.D. Savarkar gave a broader definition saying that all the people living in this land from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, who treat this land as their fatherland and holy land are all Hindus.

 “Aasindhusindhuparyanta Yasya Bharatbhumika|

 Pitrubhu Punyabhushchaiva Sa Vai Hinduriti Smrita ||”

This definition excludes Bharatiya Christians, Muslims and Parsis.

Shri Guruji gave a still broader definition that Bharat as the motherland, common ancestors and common traditions give a unique identity to the people living in Bharat for centuries. This identity is Hindu. In the Bharatiya context, the people are the ‘nation’, not a ‘state’. We were one people irrespective of different rulers or states.

Now, about ‘Bunch of Thoughts’. It was a compilation of M.S. Golwalkar’s (Shri Guruji’s) thoughts expressed at various places on different occasions and under disparate circumstances from 1940 to 1964. His thoughts expressed after 1964, till 1973, are not included in it.

Present Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat during his speech recently in Delhi has said about ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ that: “Things are said in the context of certain circumstances and specific incidents. They are not eternally true. Guruji’s eternal thoughts have been published under the title ‘Shri Guruji: His Vision and Mission’. We have kept all those things in this which are eternally relevant while removing those which pertained to certain specific circumstances.”

Often, the chapter titled ‘Internal Challenges – Christians, Muslims and Communists’ from ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ is mentioned.

In today’s context, it should be interpreted as Christian Evangelism, Jihadi Muslim Fundamentalism and Naxalism or Maoism. Their activities are a threat to the very idea of Bharat envisaged by the Constitution makers.  This is why the first anti-conversion law was enacted in 1967 in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa when they were ruled by Congress.

Warning Indian citizens about these three anti-national activities is important and necessary.

All people with open minds are welcome in RSS. Truth is the liberal-left intelligentsia and media who oppose the RSS have never tried to meet RSS members to know and understand what the RSS is. The German Ambassador did it. The openness of the German Ambassador Shri Walter J. Lindner should have  been welcomed not criticized.

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Source: Dr. Manmohan Vaidya Sah Sarkaryavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh article to organizer

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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