Is Sonia Gandhi The Worst Thing Ever Have Happened To India??

The ‘Gandhi’ surname is nothing but a stroke of sheer luck


Corrupt, unpatriotic, & no sense or experience of governing a nation at all. This article is primarily about one aspect – calling a spade. No mincing of words. And the first step towards achieving that is to address Sonia Gandhi by her real name – Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. The ‘Gandhi’ surname is nothing but a stroke of sheer luck.

In the next few points, I list how & why her happening to be the president of India’s oldest party was a bane for us Indians.

  • She claims to have received her education from Cambridge University which is a blatant lie. She came to England as an immigrant amongst the thousands of others that used to flood into the country for job opportunities. She is just an undergraduate. When Rajiv Gandhi met her she was a dancer at a bar. Think about it logically – if she really had studied at Cambridge, would she be dancing at a bar? If a university like Cambridge is competent enough only to produce bar dancers, then would the university hold any repute in the world? Obviously not. But we Indians are gullible people & have for decades believed her lie.
  • She married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 & came to India. But for 15 years after her marriage she was living as an Italian citizen; that is; she didn’t even care to take Indian citizenship! So much for overt displays of patriotism.
  • 2018 will mark her 50 years in India. Half a century & yet she can’t speak our language without reading from a paper! This one should shame us Indians more than it should shame her. It is we who have accepted a foreigner who can’t even communicate properly with us to remain at the helm of Indian politics. Think about it this way – would America elevate a politician to the peak of its politics who doesn’t even know how to speak proper English? Never! But I guess we’ve always remained influenced by the ‘white colour’ & sophistication in language. This was pointed out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of his parliament speeches where he said – “Kuch log abhi bhi gore rang ke ghulam hai.
  • Naming the scams that took place during the ten years of UPA rule is a tedious job. We all know about the rampant corruption & we know who was responsible for it – the real Prime Minister who was working from behind the scenes. These scams took place during a period when she was the tallest leader in the country, but we can’t ignore the money she & the Gandhi family have been amassing ever since they ruled the country. Rajiv Gandhi was a corrupt man who didn’t even want to become the prime minister. He is said to have stashed massive sums of money in Swiss banks for his wife & children. A very conservative figure about Sonia’s personal wealth is a staggering $2 billion! She is richer than Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, & Bashar Al-Assad, the President of Syria. It’s actually a disgrace that we question Prime Minister Modi on his black money promise (who has Rs. 7,000 in his bank account other than a house) but have always forgotten the people who actually stashed it abroad & have looted Indians for personal gains.
  • She is not intelligent, has no vision & no will to do anything extraordinary for India. For 10 years under her ‘rule’ we lived in doleful times where we were trudging along on the economic/developmental front. The most glaring proof of this notion is to compare what she gave us to what Narendra Modi promises the country – smart cities, digital revolution, bullet train, renewable power, skill development, 24/7 electricity to every nook & corner, housing for all, Make in India, etc. This is what India deserved 20 years ago when China was leaping ahead of us. We were almost at par in the early nineties & look where we are today – atleast 20-25 years behind China just because this woman who ruled the most popular & powerful party had no vision! Imagine if not for Narendra Modi, we would still be under her corrupt & uninspiring rule. I actually shiver at the prospect of her coming to power again.

We have suffered enough & for very long. India, once known as the ‘golden bird’ does not deserve this. It’s said that the sun always rises even after the darkest of nights – the rule of Congress & particularly of Edvige Antonia Albina Maino was the dark era – & now we have a man as our leader whose sole aim is to make India a superpower.

Before we reject Chinese products, let’s vow to reject this woman’s politics ONCE & FOR ALL because it has caused us more harm than anything else & it desires to continue on the same path!

Vinayak Jain **