Is the former Samajwadi Party (SP) General Secretary & Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh joining the BJP?

The presence of former Samajwadi Party (SP) General Secretary & Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s event in Lucknow along with special mention of his name by PM Modi in the speech has raised many eyebrows. While taking a jibe at the Congress over crony capitalism, PM in his speech yesterday had said that ‘Amar Singh is sitting here and he has their history of playing with top industrialists behind curtains’.

All around the political circle’s speculation of him joining the BJP is picking up the pace. Further adding fuel to fire, the Samajwadi Party leader’s meeting with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at his 5 Kalidas Marg residence was observed under the same eye lens.

Although there is no official word yet on why the two leaders met, what transpired in the meeting, whether the former Samajwadi party leader will join BJP or not speculations regarding the same seems to have no end. This only time will answer whether he will be part of BJP or not but one thing that can be surely said at this point of time is Amar Singh is not going back to Samajwadi Party and he has become a fan of PM Modi, his work, his Government policies as the leader has clearly said that “I have nothing to do with the Samajwadi party now and my whole life is now devoted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

Upon his joining the saffron party the leader has made clear that he is not averse to joining the BJP, but till now he had not received any invite from the party, nor had he applied for it. “The BJP is a very big political party. I won’t say that I will not join the BJP if I get a chance, but who is giving me the chance? I haven’t sent them any request letter either,” Singh had said.

Amar Singh, had a history of very special political journey. There was a time when the Samajwadi Party (SP) led by Mulayam Singh used to look at him for every important decision. He was considered one of the closest leaders of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Without Amar Singh’s wish, the leaf did not even move in SP. From ticket distribution for LokSabha & Rajya Sabha to appointment of Ministers, everything was done by him. Mulayam Singh used to call him his brother. But as the time changed, so his importance in the party. After Akhilesh Yadav’s took leadership of SP in his hands, Amar Singh started to irk in his eyes and he was shown a way out of the party.

Since being evicted from SP, Amar Singh is singing the tunes of PM Modi & his Government. After the yesterday’s event in a special conversation with Aaj Tak correspondent, he said, ‘ I like PM Modi. Whether I will join BJP or not, but I will continue to work for PM Modi. He praised PM Modi character by saying that Modiji’s character is such that he regards everyone as equal. He doesn’t differentiate between people as high or low. He keeps relation with everyone like a man. He further said that many leaders take donations from capitalists, but do not express their relationship with them. There is a difference in those leader’s saying and doing, but this is not in the case of PM Modi’.

The leader has further clarified that the key to his joining the BJP is with the chief of the party  Amit Shah as he has this right. And if he will be joining BJP he will not be doing it behind the curtain. “I am a Kshatriya and do not perform any act by hiding, The day I will enter BJP, will  hold the press conference ”

Source : DNA

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