Is this the end for Kanhaiya Kumar? The CBI forensic lab says the video is authentic in which he shouted anti-national slogans

The whole nation was raging war against Kanhaiya Kumar because he in the name of “Cultural Evening” condemned the death penalty for Afzal Guru. These went ahead and called him a martyr and raised anti-national slogans. These left wingers praised a terrorist who played a central role in the parliamentary attack on December 13, 2001. This was the insult done to the supreme court of India.

In a video it was evident that these shouted, “India go back, Kashmir ki azadi tak jung chalegi. Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung chalegi”.

But Mr Kanhaiya Kumar denied all these even tough everything was caught on tape. He said that he was neither shouting any slogans nor saying anything against integrity of the country. He said in an interview that “I dissociate myself from the slogans which were shouted in the event. I have full faith in the Constitution of the country and I always say that Kashmir is an integral part of India”. Fear on the face of this anti-national was clearly seen, he was saying this just to escape from the reach of the court.

But Mr Kanhaiya Kumar, here is something shocking for you and for all those who backed him. Yes, the video which showed that Kanhaiya shouted anti-national slogan was sent to the CBI forensic lab. And the raw video footage shot at Feb 9, 2016 was said to be “authentic” by the CBI forensic lab.

The raw video that was telecasted in all Hindi news channels were sent to the lab. The camera, memory card, a CD containing the clip, wires and other equipment was sent to the lab.

The police said that “The CBI lab sent a report to Delhi Police’s Special Cell on June 8 saying the raw footage was authentic”. The Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Arvind Deep said that he got the report but didn’t reveal the content in the report. Even the Gandhinagar-based Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) said that the videos were genuine.

Other notable offenses made by Kanhaiya Kumar:

  • Kanhaiya Kumar had even insulted the Indian army by saying that they rape women in Kashmir.
  • On 10 March 2016, Kamlesh Narwana, Ex JNU student unveiled an unsigned University order dated 16 October 2015, according to which, Kanhaiya Kumar was fined by the JNU administration last year for “misbehaving” with a girl student and “threatening” her. It was subsequently reported viaPress Trust of India that “the university administration confirmed in a statement that the letter [order] was authentic and action was taken against the student leader.

Source: http: standforindia.com

Rajat Bhandary


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