Did ISI Plan the Quetta Terror Attack to Gain Sympathy of the World???

Quetta Terror Attack – How ISI once again acted as assassin 

1. Quetta was on red alert from past one month. How can a nomad balochi enter the secure arena.

2. Police Academy is covered from all sides and there is a fair distance between main gate and inner arena. 

3. There are two Watch towers at front and two at back sides. One security guard at one Watch tower is found dead shot in his head.

4. NSA of Pakistan is himself a very known Administrator of Quetta. 

5. Pakistan was getting isolated internationally on Balochistan front that they are massacring many innocent Baloch young men and women. There was urgent need that such attack happened so that Pakistan can baby cry and have reason to show case to the world that They are attacking terrorist.

6. The most important part is this Police Training Center is unarmed training center  which means here there was only administrative training. No weapons allowed inside the compound. Security system of that Police Academy doesn’t get commanded by that Academy instead it is commanded by military subsidiary. 

7. ISI got this assignment from China to blast this site hell, No knowledge to the Government of Pakistan. Military establishment top body knows it and they will seize this opportunity to bomb blast Baloch again. China can’t allow his investment prospect to get trapped into freedom struggle. 

8. Young cadets of Police Academy had completed their training and went to home, Just 2 days back they have been called by Academy and you know Why ? Parents of those who died told to reporters. 

9. Those who know about Security arrangements in Quetta knows very well that It can’t be done without involvement of ISI and establishment as it’s a highly secured place. People of Pakistan are getting emotional and they are bound to be fooled again by establishment. 

Predictions for the near future to emotionally fool people of Pakistan by showcasing the revenge case scenario. 

1. There will be Attack on Afghanistan for sure . 

2. There might be an attempt to attack India from Punjab or North East front.

Abhishek Kumar