ISI sponsored gang hacking Government websites and spreading hatred busted by Delhi Cops!

Marking a big achievement the cops of Delhi has busted out a gang of hackers that was trying to ruin the website of Government departments and also trying to spread hatred among communities on social platform.The case of sedition has been filed against these fraudsters under Section124A of the Indian Penal Code and Section 66 of the IT Act as well as criminal conspiracy under IPC Section 120 B.

According to TOI report,The culprits identified as Shahid Malla and Aadil Hussain are two Kashmiri Youths, both of whom are pursuing graduation in the field of Computers from a Punjab based University. Shahid Malla is pursuing engineering while the later is doing a course in Computer applications.It is found that both of them are linked to an antinational hacking group called Team Hackers Third Eye” and had allegedly broken into over 500 Indian websites, including that of J&K Bank in January this year.

During the investigation by cops it also came to limelight that they are being supported by the Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence spy (ISI) .These fraudsters are having connections with the agents from the ISI agency who belong to the pro-Pak hacking group called Pak Cyber Attacker (PCA). The PCA group which hails from Lahore and Dubai is already under the suspiscion for hacking different websites of India since 2016.

Both of them hails from Jammu & Kashmir.  Shahid Malla belongs to Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir and Aadil Hussain belongs to Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir.

After receiving the hints about the suspects from a military intelligence unit,  a special team was formed  by Delhi Police which was led by additional DCP KPS Malhotra to nab the culprits,  gather information about them and to trace them.When It came under the scanner of investigators that the youth in Kashmir were accessing Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp despite the ban on them, they came to conclusion that the users were being educated on how to bypass the internet service providers’ blocks using proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks.

It was also found by an intelligence source that two Facebook accounts, Leetslab and /haxer1, were being used to be encourage internet users of Jammu & Kashmir to bypass the ban. These accounts were owned by Shahid Malla. He was taking the benefit of Virtual Private Network service “surfeasy”. He was deviating the youth from their paths into a world full of hatred by posting anti-India and seditious content on the social network. His posts were always pro-Kashmiri terrorism and pro-Pakistan.

When a full surveillance was carried on Malla, the cops discovered he was a hacker. “He was fond of leaving his signs, like ‘Shahid Malla’, ‘Shahid Malla 1337’ and ‘Team Hackers Third Eye’ on the websites defaced/ hacked by him,” an intelligence official said. “Shahid was found to be maintaining hackersthirdeye.comhackersthirdeye.wordpress.com and freetricks.waplux-.com accounts. He used to offer his hacking services and get paid in return.

He also ran a domain hosting site called hostz.com and allegedly had several suspicious clients and multiple servers in different locations. A special team comprising inspectors K P Shah and Vijay Gahlawat has arrested the two youths, whose families have alleged that the two men were “kidnapped by armed men”.

Additional DCP Malhotra said that laptops, mobile phones, SIM cards, internet dongles and memory devices recovered from the two men is being examined for more clues to their anti-state activities.Also the police is fully grilling them to name their other associates in Pakistan and India.






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