ISIS brutality followed to murder Paresh Mesta, but who gave instructions to prove it as natural death?

The brutal murder of Paresh Mesta has sent shivers in Karnataka and especially in Mangalore. Paresh Mesta, a poor dalit activist who was murdered last week following a communal clash between two communities was a clear indication of how radical Islamic groups have flourished in Karnataka.

It was not until December 9 that his family came to know that their son was dead. His parents were shocked to understand that their son was brutally tortured before he was killed. The police within no time declared that it was natural death to cover up the case. Only after the police were pressurized by locals, they started investigating the case which showed that Paresh Mesta’s death was not natural but a brutal murder.

But the big issue surrounding the case is that, the Karnataka Government is trying their best to hide facts and prove the death as natural just to save few radical Islamic groups. This was very clearly seen in the postmortem report submitted by Dr Shakar Bakkannavar, Kasturba Medical College, in which he states that there was no injuries caused by weapons on the body of the deceased and only 2 abrasions were found which may have caused due to blunt force trauma. The report also says the change in the colour of the face is due to putrefaction and there were no evidence to suggest nail or pin pricks over the body.

The report says that there is a tattoo on the right forearm depicting the picture of SHIVAJI and MARATHA in Hindi and states that Tattoo was not destroyed and intact.

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Now, let us take a look at video taken by a person called Virendra during the last rites which clearly shows the burnt mark on his leg.

The parents of Paresh and his friends who were present with him during last rites have given statement that his tattoo of Shivaji was removed using a knife and his skin in the area was burnt. They also have observed various stab marks on his back and front. His mother said she saw the body of her son and was mutilated beyond repair, his genitals were cut, face was burnt and head was smashed from behind.

So according to the video and by the statements given by Paresh’s parents, their were stab marks, burnt marks and mutilation of his genitals.  But the postmortem report says there were no burn marks or mutilation of genitals which clearly shows that its a blatant lie.

Other point to be noted is, if the police believe that it was natural death then why did they arrest 5 persons Azad Annigeri, Asif Rafiq, Imtiaz, Muhammed Faisal Annigeri and Jim Saeem in connection with Paresh’s death?

The internal reports now suggest that Paresh Mesta was actually kidnapped by a group of Islamic radical on December 6-7. After which he was taken to a hotel belonging to a Muslim man where he was brutally tortured. His mouth is said to have been stuffed with a cloth to prevent him from screaming and his tattoo was removed using a knife. It is said that he was tortured there for over 3 hours after which he has died. According to locals, the police came to know about this incident the same night but they never wanted to reveal the news as there was a public rally of CM Siddaramaiah the very next day in the same place. Instead the police have said to have helped the murderers escape the sight. The police have imposed Section 144 (curfew) to avoid people roaming in the area and tried to hide the facts. It is said that, the next day the dead body was thrown in Shetty Lake which was later identified by the villagers and informed their parents.

The parents have openly alleged that police knew every detail of their son’s death but remained quiet to protect certain community people. They now demand CBI investigation into the murder claiming radical Islamist groups are being protected by the Congress government and they have no faith in police investigation.

It is indeed sad that a young boy was tortured so brutally and the Karnataka Government along with media is trying their best to prove it was natural death. The News18 Kannada channel has spent atleast 10 hours from past 2 days protecting the Siddaramaiah government claiming it was not a murder.

Aishwarya S