Islam Agenda!! The reason these 10 camels are brought to Bengaluru will shock you!!

A festival of Bakrid is near! Thousands of animals will be slaughtered in the name of God!
Illegally transported Goats, Cow and Bullocks will be slaughtered in the name of Sacrifices. This is what their religion says in Koran as they justify! On Bakrid, there will be blood sheds of thousand innocent lives!

This year, Bakrid will be on September 2nd. And, to celebrate it, nearly 10 camels are transported to Bangalore!! According to the source, it’s confirmed that 10 camels are transported to Shivaji Nagar from Rajasthan.

According to the law, victimizing of animals is a crime. And, so the government has prohibited animals slaughtering in Hindu oriented festivals. But, there is no proper law or prohibition made to Muslims, it seems.

The source said that Animal Welfare Organisation has complained to the police and they did not respond properly. They did not enquiry anything about this crime even though camels are prohibited here in Karnataka. 2 camels out of 10 are here in Police station. But, where’s the remain?

According to the information given by a resident of Shivaji Nagar, camels are brought from
Hyderabad and other places every year during Bakrid for the purpose of sacrificing them. He even said that the camels are unloaded in the presence of the police.

Camels are strictly prohibited in Karnataka!!

There’s one interesting fact of Karnataka is camels are prohibited here. And, the reason is
“Inconvenient weather”, which doesn’t suit for camels and it’s hard for them to survive there, since their body structure made perfect to survive in the desert only. That’s why, in 2006, the High court banned camels in Karnataka by all means. But, this is not applicable for Muslims it seems. Or, the court might have thought that those transported camels will die one day!

Camel chilli, camel fries, camel kurmas and camel biryani will be ready on hundreds of plates after the Bakrid celebrations I guess! Slaughtering animals in the name of God won’t pass any good message to the society.

Ibrahim Nabi and his son “Ismail”!!

We, the Muslims believes “Ibraham Nabi” that he had fought against of superstitions and United Muslims! And, we believe that this man became a reason to celebrate Bakrid.

“Ibrahim had no children. He had prayed to Allah and got a son! And, then Allah had ordered him to sacrifice his son’s life. At first, Nabi had thought that it was a dream. Later, he informs to his wife about the dreams. And, then both of them informs to their only son “Ismail”. Even though he had agreed to sacrifice himself, he had restricted his father not to see his face, not to spill his blood on his clothes. As Ismail said, Nabi starts to chop his neck, but he could not. And, then anger Nabi stabs rock with his knife and rock falls apart.

After this, a goat will appear there and Allah orders him again to slaughter a goat instead of his son. As Allah’s order, Nabi had killed that goat. And, that’s how this Bakrid celebration had started.” Muhammad Hasir said.

This is what I call the height of stupidity and their lust for flesh! If a god asks his believers to kill some soul as a part of any celebrations, then he will not be a god anymore!
And, in India, through these inhuman acts, Muslims are outraging the dignity of Indian