Islamabad SAARC SUMMIT CANCELLED! India Gives the Call….Other Countries Pledge Their Support!

India cancelled its participation in SAARC summit which was to be held in Pakistan in November 2016. It was right in its move to do this as a protest for the Pakistan supported terrorism in Indian soil, especially in the aftermath of incident in Uri. Along with India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan also sent a formal letter to Nepal, the present SAARC Chair, informing the cancellation of their participation. They also cited a similar reason like India for cancellation i.e. “cross-border terrorist attack in the region”. This shows how other countries respect India and its leadership in the South Asian region. Now the sources from Kathmandu have confirmed that the 19th SAARC Summit that was supposed to be held in Islamabad has been cancelled. A lesson for Pakistan! If it goes for cry foul against India, that is the one which will lose and not India.

It would be another daring step if any of the other members of SAARC comes forward to provide alternative venue for 19th Summit to be held. That will humiliate Pakistan more. If G8 could exclude Russia for its act on Ukraine, why not Pakistan from SAARC for its act on Uri? Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised Pakistan that India will make intensive efforts to isolate it from the rest of the world. The action has already begun.

It is a huge setback for Pakistan. If it had thought that the incident will be forgotten like many other terrorist attacks over India, it would be stupidity on its end. The Pakistan which is unstable internally will suffer heavily with external isolation too. Though some diplomats from countries like Bangladesh are still optimistic that SAARC processes would continue and Pakistan comes to the path of cooperation instead of contradiction, it is for the Pakistan to decide where it would stand.

But on the other hand, it is sad to see that those people who are in key positions in India itself are expecting isolation of India rather than Pakistan. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said in one of his tweets that “India seems to be getting isolated internationally”. I don”™t know whether such people have poor understanding of international affairs or so much in favour of Pakistan. But it is unfortunate that we have such leaders who don”™t unite even when the enemy country is attacking on us.

However, India will remain strong and show its power not only in South Asian region but also across the world and mobilize full power to isolate Pakistan as well as the terrorism promoted by it.

Akshara Damle

You can reach the author on twitter @aksharadamle

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