Why Israel is becoming too friendly with India? To know the reason we should go back 2000 years

Why does a small and a powerful nation named Israel loves India so much? Why does it call India as its friend?

In 70 years of India’s Independence, no other Prime Minister dared to visit Israel. Reason is clear, it would hurt their pseudo seculars. Our leaders, just to sympathise Muslims and Arab nations, dumped Israel.

Israel has an official book in which they say that they have been persecuted in every part of the world especially in Germany. It further mentions that if there is a land where Jews were welcomed and never persecuted in its history, then it’s India. When Israel’s very first parliament was formed, the very first resolution they passed was to thank India.

Would you believe that Israel was not only waiting for India from past 70 years but it was eagerly waiting from 2000 years. Yes, it not only waited for Indian Prime Minister but even waited for great Indian Kings.

After all what is the link between India and Israel? Why did Israel wait for Indian Kings?

In 135 BC, the cruel ruler of Greek Antiochus Epiphanes had vendalised the second Synogogue of Jews.

In 70 AD, Titus had conquered Jerusalem and killed one lakh Jews.

In 136, around 5,80,000 Jews were killed and 985 cities were destroyed.

In 306, Spain chased out Jews from its country.

In 325, Constantine started considering Jews as untouchables.

In 379 AD, Do you know how Saint Ambrose-who was known as a man with golden tongue-instigated Catholics to burn the Jews’ temple Synagogue? He said that Jews are the worst people on earth. They are womanizers, greedy and looters. Jews are the people who killed Jesus Christ, so the god won’t love any of the Jews on earth. All the Catholics should hate them from core and kill them if found anywhere around.

In 395 AD, even Saint Gregory showed his violence against Jews. He was the reason for the death of thousands of Jews.

In 415 AD, Bishop Severes burnt the prayer house of Jews situated in Magona. He drove out all the Jews from Alexandria. After that he made a brutal act of using Jew ladies as sex slaves and said that it was the order of the God.

Till then, Jews witnessed the barbaric act of Catholics. But later started the brutality of the Islam against Jews.

In 717 AD, exactly after 100 years of Islam’s existence they started targeting Jews. The reason was that Muslims wanted the Jews to dress according to Islam tradition.

In 1012 AD, German King Henry II does a mass murder of Jews.

In 1096 AD, first crusade ( like Jihad, it’s a way of conversion by Catholics) killed lakhs of Jews.

In 1483 AD, in Portugal several Jews were killed and women were raped.

By now the Jews had suffered a lot but the worst was yet to come. The second world war started and again lakhs of Jews were killed by Hitler in the Gas Chamber. So to save themselves from the atrocities, the Jews fled from one nation to another to save their life. But the tragedy was that every nation denied help. But only one nation at this time helped the Jews and that was India.

We can find evidence that the Jews had come to India 2000 years back. Every other nation exploited the Jews but India treated them with respect. Jews came to India to save their life, but Indians took care of them like their kids.

When Jews went to other nations, the culture of that particular nation was enforced on the Jews. But India encouraged Jews to practice their religion. Several Jews stayed here and practiced Indian culture. Now they say that they are “proud Indians”.

Jews, after witnessing the atrocities from Muslims and Catholics, a tiny nation called Israel was born in 1948.

After Israel was established, Jews from various countries went back to Israel and worked for its development. Even from India, Jews unwillingly traveled back to Israel. First 2000 years, Israel suffered from almost everyone but after Independence, the way it developed is was phenomenal. It is really jaw dropping.

India and Israel:

Like how India is surrounded by enemy nations-Pakistan, China, Bangladesh-even Israel is surrounded with enemy nations like Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi, Egypt, Arabia, Iran, Palestine.

India was attacked by our staunch enemy Pakistan 4 times and the whole world knows the outcome of the war.

Israel is 4 times bigger than Bangalore but has witnessed 17 wars and you will be shocked to know that it has won all of these wars.

Do you know the population of Israel, it is just 85 lakhs. Yes, with such a low population Israel is able to compete with the world in every field and the reason is patriotism.

If the Israel’s had forgotten the sacrifices made by their ancestors than it wouldn’t have been in this world. The religion called Jew would have been extinct. But they value their ancestors’ sacrifices.

Israel is surrounded by enemy nations but these nations think 100 times before attacking Israel. If 1 Israeli is killed then 50 enemies will be killed. The killer may hide in any nation but the Israelis won’t spare him, example is Operation “Wrath of God”.

The neighboring nation of Israel is Syria and we know that ISIS took birth there. ISIS is so brutal that it killed citizens from almost every nation. But did it kill even one Israeli? Answer is no. ISIS know what will the implications be.

In this world there is only one nation with Jews and that is Israel. Like how Sanskrit language, even Hibru is an old language which was on a verge to get extinct but Israel used it as an official language.

Every Israeli citizen should compulsorily serve in defence service. A male should serve for 3 years and a female should serve for 2 years.

It is inspiring that more than 50% officers in Israeli Force are filled by women. Israeli Air Force is world’s fourth best. Israel is even leading in agriculture.

Even in the field of technology, Israel is leading. Many top notch companies are based in Israel. Israel is a nation which posses Anti Ballistic Missile Defense System. So it has been very useful in controlling enemy’s rocket attack.

The world’s best intelligence is in Israel and that is Mossad. No need to introduce Mossad. It can penetrate thousand miles into enemy territory and destroy them.

Israel has been a regular victim of “holocaust”. But at the course of the time, Catholics have shred their hatred against Jews but not Muslims. Hamas terrorists are waiting to destroy Israel but Israel has completely destroyed Gaza city when Hamas tried to launch attacks.

One thing is funny, why should Indian Muslims demonstrate violent protests in India when Gaza is attacked? In Mumbai a protest was launched but it turned violent that the Muslim protesters destroyed “Amar Jawan” war memorial.

Congress was scared that Muslims will be hurt so it never visited a great friend of India.

In 2003, in Atal Ji’s tenure, Isreali Prime Minister had visited India and now PM Modi visited Israel and created history. Isreal came to India’s rescue in Bangla Liberation War in 1971 and even in Kargil War in 1999. So PM Modi has done a great job by visiting Israel. Pseudo liberals are stunned. What Congress party didn’t wanted to happen, Modi has done it in style.

Credits: Vinod Hindu Nationalist and Vikas Kumar Singh

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