Israeli PM said “Terrorists are murderers”; Read what warning he gave to Pakistan on an interview with Arnab Goswami

Israeli Prime Minister is keeping the enemies of India in guessing mode because the enemies have no idea of what Modi and Benjamin duo are upto.  Yes, on paper it seem like both the countries want to join hands in the field of space, agriculture and technology. But the master stroke against terrorism cannot be denied.

Till date our famous (for all wrong reasons) journalists were interviewing terrorists and naxalites who killed our own people but now a journalist had interviewed the Israeli Prime Minister. Arnab Goswami of Republic TV on Wednesday asked various questions which varied from development to terrorism.

Arnab Goswami asked few questions which was really hard to digest for the pseudo seculars. He banged on target as he said that Pakistan harbours Hizbul Mujahidin and Palestine supports Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya). So replying to this question, Mr Benjamin said that helping any kind of terrorists by lending one’s own land as a base must be condemned. India and Israel will work in this mode by exchanging intelligence.

Later Arnab ask “What is your advice to Pakistan as they are harbouring Syed Salahuddin who is a global terrorist?”

Mr Benjamin said that harbouring any kind of terrorists is dangerous because they are like a scorpion and at a particular time they will surely bite back. He called terrorists as murderers

PM Benjamin also targeted the Shia and Sunni radical groups and said that they at first target Muslims and then non-Muslims. So India and Israel being democratic countries, should tackle these global threats.

Did Israeli PM say that Congress doesn’t have leaders?

In his interview, he said that how it took so long for an Indian PM to visit Israel. He further said that “you need leaders and Prime Minister Modi is a real leader. I am impressed with his commitment to fight terrorism and promote technology”. Did he point out to Indian National Congress and say that they weren’t capable of handling internal politics and manage a visit Israel?

Mr Netanyahu also said that radicalisation of Islam is also a threat to various nations.

So in his interview, he didn’t hesitate to answer about terrorism promoted by Pakistan. So he will definitely join hands with India and act tough against terrorists.


Nishika Ram