It is not Congress that is trying to collapse Modi govt before Gujarat elections!!! You will be shocked to know this person’s name

When popularity of a great leader touches new heights from where maligning him/her becomes impossible, then the enemies resort to coward tactics to smear the image.

The same is happening with PM Narenda Modi but you will be shocked to know the person behind this. You are wrong if you think that Sonia Gandhi is behind this. You are wrong if you think that Rahul Gandhi- the man popular for his gaffes- is behind this!!!

This is planned by an insider!!! Yes, a BJP veteran who had spent several decades in the Bharatiya Janata Party is conspiring to collapse the Modi government before the Gujarat elections.

Who is that insider who is secretively planning to demolish Modi govt? Do you know why senior BJP leaders are talking against Modi govt?

All of a sudden, leaders like Yashwnat Sinha, Arun Shourie, Shatrughan Sinha, who don’t have any future in the party, started raising their voice against the BJP government. Main stream media added ‘pepper and chilly’ and dragged their statement for days. What was funny is that their sentence didn’t have any facts and figures. They had just robbed few sophisticated words from the dictionary and puked it front of media.

What did Arun Shourie say?

“It was the largest money-laundering scheme ever, conceived and implemented entirely by the government”, by saying this, he targeted the biggest reform .i.e. demonetisation.

“It was an idiotic jolt. Everyone who had black converted it into white”, he further added.

How Yashwant Sinha showed love towards Pakistan?

“India has lost Kashmir valley emotionally”. Sinha further said that talks with Pakistan are essential in order to enforce peace in the Kashmir valley.

Any Indian with an iota of common sense knows that talks with Pakistan are impossible. But these are giving contradictory views to that of their party’s ideologies.

Initially one may think that by targeting the government, they are trying to grab positions in the government or BJP. But the reality is completely different.

Why these gave open statements like Congress agents?

Well, if these veterans wanted the Indian economy to head in the right path, then they would have approached PM Modi at regular intervals to give their suggestions. But no, these didn’t do that instead opted to go in front of media.

This proves that there is something fishy!!!

It is veteran leader Advani who is behind this!!! Shocked?

It is a known fact that there is no space for senior leaders those who have crossed the age of 75 years. Due to this, leaders like L K Advani, Yashwant Sinha have lost opportunity to excise their power in Modi’s cabinet. This had led to a big embarrassment to them.

So, step by step, these senior leaders have intensified their war against Modi government. Reports also said PM Modi had sent RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat to calm down L K Advani during Dussehra.

Why L K Advani is doing this?

BJP had entered Kerala with all guns blazing and this had given a big blow to the communist party. BJP party President Amit Shah was successful in leading the crusade but suddenly he cancelled his rest of the plans and went to Delhi. What was more import than the rally in Kerala? Why Amit Shah cut-short his Kerala visit and travelled to Delhi?

Mr Advani had always worked for BJP but now he is allegedly conspiring to destroy one of the best governments. Is he doing this as he didn’t have any position in the government? Is opposition using him to eliminate PM Modi?

Today, if any random guy says that “Modi is ruining the Indian economy”, then his sentence will definitely grab headlines.

On Wednesday, PM Modi had countered and ripped apart all the people who spoke that the economy was sinking. But apart from few newspapers and channels, none gave it a priority. This was also a part to push their narrative that the economy was collapsing. But the reality was something else.

It is apparent that it is next to impossible for the opposition to defeat Modi in Gujarat election or in 2019 General Election. So, it won’t be a surprise if they are using L K Advani to target Modi.

The drama is sure to get unfold before the Gujarat election. If they succeed in breaking Modi govt will the Advani faction join hands with Congress?

Hansika Raj