It”™s time our leaders stop showering goodness and lenience!

Modiji, stop being lenient to Pakistan

This isn”™t working. It never worked in the past, nor will it work in the future. Pakistan will not mend its ways. As a country that does not have a standard protocol to treat its guests and as a country that cannot act a good host, it has hit an all-time low. And it is time we stop extending warmth. Making friendly gestures. It is time we realize it is not worth it. Pakistan simply doesn”™t deserve. The recent insult to our home minister Rajnath Singh seems to be the last straw. It all began when Jawaharlal Nehru travelled to Pakistan in 1953 for the first time. And the reason he gave was, “˜to settle all disputes”™! Nehru and settle disputes? Quite contradictory to each other! But as the nation watched tight-lipped, he took the Kashmir issue to new heights, far from resolution, when he repeatedly knocked United Nation”™s door.

He again visited Pakistan in 1960. This time to sign the Indus water treaty. And luckily for him, the treaty was formulated by Sir Benegal Narsing Rau, a jurist, diplomat and statesman who had also drafted the constitution of India. It was Rau”™s thoughtfulness and foresight that made the treaty acceptable by both the parties. Else, today

Pakistan would also be shedding blood for the waters of Sutlej, Beas and Ravi.

After Nehru, it was Rajiv”™s turn to visit Pakistan in 1988 to sign bilateral agreements banning attack on each other”™s nuclear installations. Rajiv visited Pakistan again the next year, but the outcome had nothing significant. And then came the historic visit by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The inaugural Lahore-Delhi bus service made huge noise but was soon silenced by the uproar of the pumping bullets and bursting grenades in Kargil. Vajpayee revisited Pakistan in 2004 to attend a SAARC summit, however, all the ties were severed with the attack on Mumbai in 2008. It should have been over then. But with Modiji inviting Nawaz Shariff for his swearing-in ceremony, and paying a sudden visit to Lahore later, new hopes arose. But it is time we stop deceiving ourselves. Pakistan, as an Islamic state, has chosen to be what it is. All its heinous acts are willful. It”™s time our leaders stop showering goodness and lenience!

Sahana Vijayakumar,  Bangalore