Jains Not Vote Banks, So Okay to Insult Them???

All this time, people from secular parties and few Bollywood actors enjoyed mocking Hindu religious sentiments. Now they have targeted Jain community also. Vishal Dadlani, Singer and Aam Aadmi Party member has insulted the Jain digambara monk for their attire. On Friday, Jain monk Tarun Sagar had delivered speech in Haryana Assembly.

As the picture of monk addressing assembly became public, many supporters from secular parties started mocking the digambara monk. AAP supporters and Kejrriwal”™s close aide Vishal Dadlani took a step further and expressed displeasure about a monk addressing state Assembly and insulted him for his nude appearance.

“If you voted for these people, YOU are responsible for this absurd nonsense! No #AchcheDin, just #NoKachcheDin” tweeted Dadlani.


Minutes after his tweet, Dadlani started facing severe criticism for insulting the sentiments of Jain community. The severity of matter went to such extent that many planned to file FIR against Dadlani. Realizing the damage that caused, Dadlani started tweeting a series of tweets apologizing for his behavior.

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He conveniently said he did not mean to hurt anybody”™s sentiments but opposed the mixing of religion and politics.It is well known that his tweets were on purpose. If he really thinks religion and politics should not be mixed then why doesn”™t he oppose secular parties throwing IFTAR party during RAMZAAN?? Why dint he oppose his party CM Kejriwal attending IFTAR party? Why dint he speak against Kejriwal when he mentioned he was BANIYA community during Delhi elections?

Dint Dadlani realize all this before or did he simply consider it was fun to mock Jains as they are not vote banks and media won”™t give importance.

Jain Digambara monks follow strict disciplined life style, they are one community who are so considerate of every living being and do not harm anyone. They give away all comforts in life including clothing and lead most simple life.

Fake seculars not dare to question violent practises in few communities, but want to mock these harmless and peace loving community.

Aishwarya S