Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti makes the most daring statement, Kudos!

Rati Hegde

Mehbooba Mufti has said yesterday what no one else in the last 2 decades had said … She said, “Fear of demographic changes because of resettling Kashmiri Pandits is unfounded. Those who taught us to read and write, those who grew with us, those who ate with us, those who are part of our culture, how can their coming back change the demography of our state?”

Frankly, if there is one Chief Minister who been unpredictably sensible in her comments in India, it has to be Mehbooba Mufti. The separatist elements of Kashmir are enraged with her remarks & the ex-CM of J&K Omar Abdullah keeps taunting her, but she has remained strong against terrorism and separatists and has decided that she would do what she thought right for the common man in Kashmir. Earlier last year, she had announced a relief package for the victims of the unrest in Kashmir and constituted a Special Investigating Teams (SITs) at the district level to probe the killings. She refused to constitute a judicial probe as demanded by the Opposition in the state Assembly. Her relief package was criticized by some ministers of the BJP coalition in her state, but she remained firm, because she felt that if the families were not helped, their children would be pulled in to crime by the terrorists. Earlier in August, 2016 when separatists were criticizing the use of police and army to quell the stone pelting incidents, she said, “Had a kid gone to buy a toffee from an army camp? A 15-year-old boy who attacked a police station (in south Kashmir), had he gone to buy milk?” She said that poor Kashmiri youth were being used as shield by vested interests. “Ninety-five percent people killed are from poor families.”

Last year she also said, “I am willing to compensate the family of Chamel Singh.” Except for the villagers and his family, no politician ever spoke about acknowledging Chamel Singh’s martyrdom and torture in a Pakistani Jail. His family was never given compensation. He was arrested by Pakistan in 2008 and accused of being a spy. He died in a Pakistani jail in 2013, after 5 years of torture.

“As per reports from CID, hawala channels are being used to fund terror and violence in the state. Since 2001, 173 hawala cases have been registered. Challans were issued in 90 of these,” she said in a written reply in the Assembly last week. Such a refreshing difference from the other CMs of our country, some of who themselves are harbouring the people who are indulging in such anti-national activities.

 Last week, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also praised the talented children of her State. “Kick boxing, karate champions, climbers of Mount Everest from Jammu – they are excelling in sports but not being appreciated. They are our real heroes … we have to celebrate them.” Thanks to her and the Central Government initiatives, the finals of the school board exams were held peacefully last year. 95% of the students appeared in the exams. The separatists are a worried lot, because with Mehbooba Mufti at the helm, they are unable to stop the girls from educating themselves or proving themselves as being the first among equals in India.

Jai Hind !!!